Where have I gone?

There were many times the past few weeks that I stood in a nice outfit, camera out and ready to snap a picture of myself. There were times that I sat at my computer staring at my blogger's homepage and debated whether I want to update or not. There were times that I wanted to just delete this so I wouldn't feel hassled to NEED to update. 

Then I wondered if anyone actually looks at this blog and misses posts. Then I thought, "Tons of bloggers have time between posts, why do I feel the need to want to update every single day?" Most of my favorite blogs are spontaneous posters or they'll do a once a week thing. I feel obligated to blog even though I WANTED to blog every single day. 

Perhaps the freedom of school overwhelmed me and now I feel free from blogging. I blogged for a reason when I did my uniform posts. I blogged because it helped me escape the torture of uniforms. It gave me a reason to want to overdress, underdress, and dress in wackadoo ways. This doesn't apply to my Chictopia account, that was just because I like fashion, but this blog was meant for my school uniforms. Without an uniform, this blog seems a bit pointless for me. I stare at it, my camera in hand with a nice outfit on and think "This doesn't represent my current style whatsoever." Even my latest outfits doesn't fit the theme here which was "Up with uniform fashion!" (note: poor theme choice haha).

I still love fashion, but this blog is just not me anymore. So, I'm going to have depart here and create a new blog. I know this is a pretty crappy ending to this, especially because it didn't even last a full year, but I feel bad for feeling bad about not blogging. Blogging should be enjoyed, you know? Not required. And with that, goodbye blog.

The next post I'll make will be my new blog's address once it's up and running. Thanks my very few readers :)



Oh, wow.

I just completely died there after promising more updates. To be honest, I have no other excuse but these pictures:

A skeleton bride, a hat, an octopus, a devil, a baby chick, and a hair bow.

These are the things I've been making since I've now become addicted to crochetting. Seriously, it's almost a never-ending process. I hardly ever stop it. I'm not sure whether I should call it an addiction or a heavily enjoyed hobby haha.

Either way, this is why I've been missing in action.


Back from Myrtle Beach!

Hey! I'm back from Myrtle Beach. Specifically, I've BEEN back. I got back on Saturday the 16th :3 Oops, late update. Anywhoodle, since I've come back, I've been practicing my driving, which is coolio. Today, I have up to an hour and 5 minutes of driving experience under my belt haha.

Back to Myrtle Beach, I did a ton of things. I went bananaboating, I went parasailing (the bananaboat was included because we had to get to the boat in the middle of the ocean), minigolfing, beaches, shopping, etc.And I celebrated my 18th birthday watching Beatlemania (a Beatles cover band) at the Carolina Opry Theatre. It was aweeeesome. I didn't take any outfit pictures, but I took so many others. Maybe I'll post a few later :)

I'm kind of lazy to write anymore, so there you go. More outfit posts on the way :)



I'm wearing this today. It was kind of cool outside, so I put on my little mini blazer-jacket. It be soo soft. I was pretty lazy this morning, so I just put on a simple shirt, simple jeans, and a simple necklace... and added on the out of nowhere finger armor. Honestly, I've been trying to be simple and chic, but more about that in another post.

This is my wonderful finger armor. It was given to me by my friend Josh back in the day. It's slightly broken and it didn't fit him anymore, so he gave it to me. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit me too. It's not too small, it's too big. On my middle finger (obviously the longest finger on the hand), the tip of it hardly holds onto the top hook. Also with its brokenness, it's prone to bending in weird ways. However, it's only there for the style haha.

I have ridiculously short nails due to nailbiting, but I've been painting my nails to stop it. It worked for a few weeks, but then I wiped it off. I wanted to see how long I could go before I bit the nicely grown nail. It lasted four, five days. It was long, but now my nails are super short once again. Now they're blazing red for the vacation. The necklace is just awesome. I saw it in Walmart and wanted it immediately. It's instant edge without trying. And there's the close up of my Dragon/Skull finger armor.

I lost the button to my pants :(

Posing was a bit weird to do because I was playing the balancing game with my camera. I had to have it hang off of a weight bar, keep it still, and run. With the wind blowing, it kept shaking and it felt like it was going to rain any second. Rushed photos man.

Hi, I'm a model trying too hard to ignore the camera.

Necklace: Walmart
Shirt: Faded Glory, Walmart
Blazer: Apt. 9, Salvation Army
Finger armor: gift
Belt: Pacsun
Jeans: Vanilla Star, Deb
Shoes: American Eagle, Payless

I'm going to be gone from tomorrow to July 16th on vacation. However, I should be back with dozens of photos :) I hope everyone has a fabulous week!


I wore this Wednesday when I went with my friends shopping ALL day. I was feeling a British vibe, so I use the skinnies, button up, and the awesome oxford shoes I be wearing. Unfortunately, I was running a bit late, so this was the only photo I could get in before I had to run to her house before they left. I just love how I managed to ruin the classiness with a Jackass button on the button up haha.

Feather earrings: Claire's, flea market
Deftones shirt: Deftones merch stand, Deftones concert
Button up: Aeropostale, Salvation Army
Jackass button: flea market
Purse: gift
J'Adore bracelet:
Jeggings: City Streets, flea market
Oxford shoes: Bamboo,



I'm wore this today. I wasn't doing much today, but out of the blue, my boyfriend wanted to come over. So I pretty much spent the whole day with him. Today was all about casualness since it was soooo hot today. The breezy materials made me feel light while the accessories added the weight. I also fishtailed my hair. It was sooo cute at first, but my layers started unraveling. It looked funky, but after these photos, it totally collapsed.

I think the thing I most like about the outfit is definitely the accessories. Even though silver makes tan skin look ashy, I adore how quick it is to make things fun. My wrist was full of all of my silver bracelets. I'm even wearing a ring! I hardly ever wear rings. My mom makes/sells jewelry and she ordered a bunch of skull rings. I took a tri-skull ring and even though it's tiny, it's still too big for my finger. Just my luck, eh?

So much jangly bangles, eh? (Pardon me, I've been overusing "eh." Too much South Park.)

I spent the whole day watching Viva La Bam. I say day well spent. Nothing like a little Bam Bam to brighten the evening up with the boo.

And that was my magnificent day. So happy I have a new camera.

Owl necklace: Deb
Peace necklace: Target
Gray dolman top: Selena Gomez's "Dream Out Loud", K-Mart
Purple tunic: American Dream, Deb
Assorted silver bracelets: Gifts and flea markets
Skull ring: From mom
Shoes: American Eagle, Payless

Have a great day!

Say hello to my children.

These sandals are the epitome of my summer wear. I wore them back in March once, but after that, they were just sitting in my closet. Now I wear them almost every outfit. Out of June of the 30 days, I probably wore them 20 times. They're addicting. While I hate thong sandals, since I'm a size 9 to 10 (these are 10), the thong part is more roomy-er, so I don't have it grinding between my toes. These sandals are the only exception to my "No thong sandals" rule. I also love how it generally goes with anything. I can slip it on with my jeggings or wear a breezy dress and these kind of toughen it up a bit. Adore these.