This is how you celebrate Christmas

Or at least that's how I wish I did.
Hope you had a good Holiday. If I'm not able to steal a computer in the next few days, I wish y'all a Happy New Year.


forest patches.

I'm in love with dark greens, messy hair, cozy slippers, open weave sweaters, warm cottons, and dark flannel. I know it's opposite of winter, but dammit, fall is so much more stylish.

Thank goodness we only got maybe a foot max because of the "Eastern Winter Blizzard." huzzah.

Update on computer status.

So recently, my computer pooped and now until it's fixed, I'm computerless. I'm currently using my parents computer which makes me feel like I'm back in fourth grade haha. Until it's fixed (in a week or so), I'll barely be updating. Of course it's when I get back into the flow of trying to update at least once a day that it goes down the drain.

You can still see what I'm up to via Twitter (just look to the left sidebar for the linkage).


Merry Christmas! (to me hehe)

I got a bunch of stuff for Christmas which I entirely love. There's usually things that I don't like or I have to ignore that I received or something, but this year, the score was pretty good for me. I really do love my family and I appreciate the hard cold cash they spent on a little greedy brat like I am.

Now go check out the rest below:


snap, snap.

Okay, a week ago, a very special gift came in: a camera ring! Courtesy of Chictopia Rewards & Cross Roads Trading. I "bought" it off the Chictopia rewards page while I was in the middle of class. I wanted to jump up and cheer but I'm pretty shure I would get in trouble haha.

Ain't it adorable? It's a big old charm of camera on my finger. It's spectacular.

I think it's a great ring and lemme tell you, I ain't a ring person. I don't like having to worry even MORE about my hands. I have a finger biting issue, so I'm always attempting to hide my hands. If I'm hiding my hands, no one will see the ring. But also, I tend to forget easily about my jewelry, so if I take this off, I may not see it again :(

And the sizing on the listing said it was "Size 7/8." Honestly, I don't know ring sizes. These were the only ring sizes I thought there was: It fits or it doesn't. Period. It's close to fitting, but it's just a tidbit too big for me. However, if I get like a cotton lining underneath it, it can take up the rest of the room.

Otherwise, I think it looks great on me. If it doesn't work out, maybe I'll have a little giveaway for it. Who knows? Anywhoodles, thanks for looking. And Merry Christmas.


luxe grunge.

luxe grunge.
luxe grunge. by Evangelinia featuring bolero jackets

My current love is "luxe grunge"; A beautiful combination of the rich life of golds, glimmers, chains, falsies, ruffles, and bows & the poor life of plaid, ragged fishnets, roughed up combat boots, cheap leopard and grandma prints.

I don't care if technically this is a fall style, it is too amazing for me to ignore haha.


I wore this yesterday to go to the mall with my friends. This happens to be my friend's kitchen that I had to use for photoness haha. It was great. The place where my camera is leaned was over this HUGE hole beneath her sink. In other words, my camera was two centimeters to disappearing from my ownership haha.

Click below for more pictures and more of le story


I wore this Friday to school. It was the day that my school was "officially" cracking down on the code. There were too many people getting away with exposed undershirts, black/pink/purple polos, too short skirts, or other "illegal contraband." I wanted to walk into school not head to toe in averageness like everyone else who feared the code. I walked into school dressed similar to a "referee"; although the school made the rules, I enforced them in a unique way.

Check out more of the story and pictures by clicking below


I know it's usual haha. But there's a lot of pictures coming up right now. But click below for more of these pics haha



Second severely late uniform update. Same as the last post, I have no story to go with it unfortunately :(

Click for more pictures;


Omg, this is a SEVERE late uniform post, so there's no story unfortunately. Just pretty pictures to look at haha.

Click the break for more pictures.



I wore this during the middle of last week I believe:

Pretty simple & athletic looking...kinda haha. With a smidge of Catholic school girl. Also, in school, I wasn't able to wear the tank top out. Actually, I got yelled at for it, so I had to tuck it in, but I had it out because there's a hole under the zipper of the skirt XP

Click below for more:


Point of me being at my grandma's was to be there for my cousin's wedding. This cousin isn't particularly close to us, but we had to be there for her big day & this is what I wore:

By the way, I am classy for taking pictures in a bathroom at the reception haha.

I just REALLY want to make the point that the black parts that look blue are actually black. The lighting just did some wacky undertone thing. Proof?

Sorry for the crap quality of this pic, but overall, it's STILL a black colour haha. BTW, I love the posture i have haha. I was trying to take pics and get it over with man.

The lace for this dress is absolutely amazing. I love it. The gold undertone (literally under) just makes it pop oh so much. And oh look! The same necklace AGAIN. I know; I abuse the crap out of it haha.

I love the ruffle detail on the skirt of the dress, it's just so flowy. The tights are "coffee" which are pretty much two shades too dark of a "nude" for me haha. And the shoes my grandma gave me to use for the wedding. It went with the dress & the accessories.

That be it for this post. More still coming! (Also the dress is from JC Penny ;D)

RETRO, Dance, Freak

I really suck at updating don't I?

Okay, well I wore this the following Tuesday from my visit to my grandma's.

I was feeling a kind of 30s, 40s, 50s feel (I don't know which era specifically since I hardly ever look up the past haha) and decided to mesh a range of colours together. The royal blue, the navy blue, the red, the black, and even the white; somehow I managed to clash everything together well.

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new york, new york

Last weekend, I stayed at my grandma's house. We slept over for the night. I ate breakfast

And realized how much I really like my grandma's decorating skillzzzz.

I also noticed how awesome looking my mom looked when she was a senior, graduating from high school.

And I just adore the window, full of trinkets and such.

I know it's all brief, but I don't have too much going on right now. All I did at my grandma's was eat and watch The Prince of Bel-Air. haha. more posts about the last two weeks coming up.


I love new stufffff!

so fly like a G6

I went to my friend's 18th birthday party & it was rave themed, which was freaking raaad. I took 158 photos of the party, but decided to share to, the viewers, my favorite pictures. Enjoys.

Adopting a new accent.

I wore this to an adoption party. My friends Jen & Steve have been trying to adopt their son Jojo for years. His family finally gave up on trying to get him back (just saying, he had a bad family. Mom was I believe a prostitute & the dad was a criminal who is locked up.) so now he's theirs. We partied at their place. Barbeque, wii games, etc.

More pictures belows


I have returned from beyond the grave....of inactivity. Okay, so I've been mega busy. I can't really help it. School, family outings, outings, parties; all of a sudden I have a social life, so of course I'll say yes, but I feel bad for neglecting my bloggy.

As these days go on this week, I'm going to be updating what has happened the last two weeks including these posts:

"Adoption Party" (outfit&story)
"Mini rave Birthday Party" (story&picture collection)
School uniform outfit
New items
"My grandma's house" (pictures)
"The wedding" (outfit, pictures, & story)
School uniform outfit

Please stick around for them. Thanks ^^



Okay, LOTS of things been going on and I've been editing photos like fudge, I went to New York for like, 2 days and etc.

I'll probably be back next week at most because there's TONS of things I want to post up on here that I photographed or want to talk about, you know?

Just wait for me basically. It'll be worth your time :) (hopefully haha)


boom boom boom boom.

Okay, this outfit is late. It's from Tuesday I believe. I wore this to school. Well, I had white leggings on, but they didn't match. (Honestly, I didn't shave my legs >> << haha )

Click below for more:


and all the non-believers..

oh uniforms
And comes the end of Spirit Week, and I must return to wearing my conforming uniforms; Polos, knee length skirts, and a palette of red, white, and blue.

oh hey, whatsup?
One of my favorite, classic looks now include my polos tucked into my high waisted, pleated skirt. It's so modern Catholic-school (if I may make that a style now).

Things I don't like about the skirt; its knee length & the front is held together by three buttons. Pretty much, it's like a wrap skirt and it can become a whore skirt in the matter of three flicks >> Very annoying to fix when I'm walking, but cute nonetheless.

The necklace, I unfortunately broke :( One of the hearts anyway. Those two connecting black hearts are supposed to have a red heart in between, but i leant on the table wrong and it snapped, so I had to click the black parts together >< Sad sad sad. And the belt came with a dress I bought, but I love the belt way too much to keep it ONLY with the dress.

Polo: Salvation Army
Skirt: Rifle Schoolwear, gift
Belt: Deb
Necklace: Claire's
Shoes: Route 66

Check out my chictopia account to look at better, tall-ways photos of this outfit.


vroom, vroom.

Oh hai, my room is clean for once
Today, I went with my family to my dad's motorcycle club's Turkey Run. It's a motorcycle run that leads you to a "mystery restaurant" where we'll eat dinner at. You follow a trail of dots that lead you towards the directions of the place. It's really cool. I also invited my boyfriend to come with, which was awesome ^^

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Hey vanity, this vile's empty

I've been going through photos in school on Chictopia (which is my numero one time-killer during class) and I keep spotting fur vests. So, I dig how they look at other people, however, a fur vest on me is like, a no-no. I just feel weird spotting a back full of hair basically haha. However, there were five outfits I did really like that sported them really well to me:

artic chill by Lremesi
1.) A shaggy brown vest paired with a plain tee, black skinnies, and edgy high heels. It's a casual look with a hint of glam. Don't deny it.

Red & fur by Sissy

2.) You don't see black furry vests often (or at least I don't) and with a red dress, it'll definitely contrast and make everything just pop. And don't get me started on those godly boots haha, however this post is about fur vests, mind you.

Layers & Gold by StylePantry

3.) Taking the vest to a more relaxed style, pairing it with loose fitting, dark clothes, so the vest becomes the focal point of the outfit (minus the cute purse). And the necklace absolutely is gorgeous combined with the vest. (and totally jealous of her hair. I LOVE big hair)

Fur vest by thevintagesociety
4.) When the off-white fur vests hit the humidity, they puff out and become a cloud; With this cloud, it has been styled with an edgy outfit. Basic tops and army styled pants with a cool fringe heel. The cloud levels out the hard, toughness of the belt, basically making this outfit a total hit in my eyes.

i bet that i can make you believe in love and sex by beware_of_my_heels

5.) And lastly, an outfit I totally adore. It's schoolgirl with a twist, genius. A classic, crisp white button up with a perfect bow, shorts that show enough leg, and the adorableness of those tights paired with the vest that hits the same length as the shorts. Absolutely brilliant.

Overall, I wish I could rock a vest as well as these girls can.

strawberry fields forever

This week at my school is Spirit Week. Yesterday's theme was "Costume Day," of which I was a hungover party chick aka Ke$ha aka 80s gutterpunk haha. Today's was "Hippie Day."

Click below for more:


Party at a rich dude's mansion

I wore this today for Costume day; 1st day of Spirit Week at my school. Check it out better at:
drunk. (click that shiz)

it's new math!

divide & multiply

divide & multiply by Evangelinia featuring high top shoes

I made this set today after staring at the piles of five billion numbers in my meterology class. Although I still can't read a thermometer correctly, I can't deny the awesomeness of numbers and how they can be used. My favorite mathematical term would be "axioms." Why? I don't know. It sounds exotic. Anyway, since I'm rather sucky at math, I tend to visualize black, white, gray, and blues with it to represent my confusion and pain from it. But guys sometimes tend to be better at math too, so I visualize a guy often too. Instead of a girly set, I set up a nice guy one. I think it worked pretty well :)

this is halloween.

Happy Halloween (DONT LOOK AT MY BRA!)
So it was Halloween when I wore this. I was going to go trick or treating, but unfortunately the mighty power of the period came storming in and I had succumbed to the power of megacramps. I had to decline going with my friends, however Midol saved the day. I spent part of the day watching tv, being on the computer, & giving candy out to midgets. However, my mom is one of those moms who buy the REALLY cheap candy packs that only come with a gross sucker, cheap gum, and like this weird fruit thing. Felt bad for the treaters.

My eyes were kinda retarded.
This sweater is so thin, but so soft. It's stolen from my grandpa who used to wear it all the time, but now I claim it as mine...MINE! And wore them old 90s fit shorts with red tights underneath. Just because you look good doesn't mean you can deny yourself of warmth.

So cute. Love this picture.
And I'll be the one to say that I absolutely cannot resist this necklace. It almost takes place in 70% of my outfits lately. It may be a cut up t-shirt, but it's a very valuable piece to me. And that is all for now. :)


ANOTHER disappearance?

I disappeared once again. I can't help it. It just happens man. Anyway, I gotta get back to posting pictures and writing things dude haha. Sorrys.


Happy birthday to you

Okay, a few days ago, I met up with my boyfriend on Monday & gave him his very delayed birthday present:

I made a 3D card with a box person of me and him.

The message I left (btw we have a bunch of nicknames lol)

Close up on us. Obviously me on the left. The BTBAM stands for a band "Between the Buried & Me

And a papercraft Companion Cube from Portal.

 So yeah, these were the giftness I gave him. He really loved it which made me happy. Unfortunately I had to leave immediately because I had homework to do XP However, I'm glad to given him a heartfelt, homemade birthday present. He thinks homemade is really sweet :D

been gone for a bit.

Yeah I disappeared for a bit. School was an overcoming force and sleepiness. I've been mega tired. Anyway, yeah, back to posting posts. XD


I been drifting along in the same stale shoes

I went to the movies today with my boyfriend and saw Jackass 3D. Holy fudge, it was hilarious...digusting, but hilarious. My boyfriend was laughing like CRAZEH. haha. Oh, and my brother-from-another-mother moved in, so I'm sooo psyched hehe. I ate too much today. That is basically my day. I wore this to the movies.

Shirt; thrifted
Tank top; Kirra
Jeans; Miley Cyrus/Max Azria
Necklace; Hot Topic


Thanks for reading. Sorry for the briefness.