ANOTHER disappearance?

I disappeared once again. I can't help it. It just happens man. Anyway, I gotta get back to posting pictures and writing things dude haha. Sorrys.


Happy birthday to you

Okay, a few days ago, I met up with my boyfriend on Monday & gave him his very delayed birthday present:

I made a 3D card with a box person of me and him.

The message I left (btw we have a bunch of nicknames lol)

Close up on us. Obviously me on the left. The BTBAM stands for a band "Between the Buried & Me

And a papercraft Companion Cube from Portal.

 So yeah, these were the giftness I gave him. He really loved it which made me happy. Unfortunately I had to leave immediately because I had homework to do XP However, I'm glad to given him a heartfelt, homemade birthday present. He thinks homemade is really sweet :D

been gone for a bit.

Yeah I disappeared for a bit. School was an overcoming force and sleepiness. I've been mega tired. Anyway, yeah, back to posting posts. XD


I been drifting along in the same stale shoes

I went to the movies today with my boyfriend and saw Jackass 3D. Holy fudge, it was hilarious...digusting, but hilarious. My boyfriend was laughing like CRAZEH. haha. Oh, and my brother-from-another-mother moved in, so I'm sooo psyched hehe. I ate too much today. That is basically my day. I wore this to the movies.

Shirt; thrifted
Tank top; Kirra
Jeans; Miley Cyrus/Max Azria
Necklace; Hot Topic


Thanks for reading. Sorry for the briefness.


I saw your haircut in a storefront

Two hours ago, I decided I wanted bangs. Why? Because I can. And I did.

I officially have sideswept bangs, cut on my own. I think I left a lot of my hair in the bathroom, but whatever. It took awhile to get it correct, like my angle kept changing because first I used my finger placement over the hair as my guide, but it kept going straight, so I was pretty close to get blunt bangs.

However, I aided myself but using a comb at an angle which made it pretty perfect, you know? It kept it steady and in the angle I needed it. So I snipped and snipped and snipped. My face was covered in hair and the sink was stuffed, yet now, I get to go along high school with some kickass bangs.

I'm pimp.

Thanks for listening to my spontaneity.

Come on and safari with me

Alright, so today is my first post of my school uniform fashionness. Today, I went for like, a unintentional safari theme. I didn't realize it until I was holding my leopard pencil case (which is cute btw) and I noticed the khaki of my jacket and the dark belt around it. It made me happy hehe. Btw I do mark my faces if I think they look dumb or ugly haha.

School was pretty boring, but I kept warm at least. hehe. I was hoping I'd get to see my boyfriend today but atlas, he did not come to the bus stop to get me. Oh, sigh. Anyway, yes, that's all I really have to say for now.

Polo; Hane's
Jacket; New York & Company
Skirt; Tommy Jeans
Shoes; Route 66
Bracelets; Claire's
Headband; Claire's

Belt is unknown and the necklace was diy'ed using this tutorial:

So yeah, thank you for reading :)


Killjoys make some noise! Na na na

my, my, my, what a romance.
I was watching MTV today and saw the commercials for My Chemical Romance's new video/single "Na Na Na." After years of their more dark, borderline emo (if not all emo) look of all black, it's nice to have a refresh of bright colours, kitschy uses of patterns, and anything reminding you of retro superheros with bold colours of: red, yellow, and blue (and a smidge of orange ;D )

I must say, Gerard looks glorious with red hair and should definitely keep it hehe. Black was too harsh on his pale skin, and the blonde made him a bit of a creeper, but the red has edge and brings colour even if he decided to jump back onto the black wagon.

And as inspiration, I have made a polyvore of it. Incorporating basic comic standards of primary colours, prints, and bold eyeshadows and bracelets. Oh, you guys make me want to slap some red lipstick and a blue leather jacket and walk out that door FIERCE ;D

Shaking that thing like you're playing Pop Warner

Look at me pimping this senior shirt, yo...
So my school with it's new, strict-ish uniform code allows seniors (aka my grade of twelfth) to wear our senior shirts every 11th of the month. Once a month. And I will say that I'm somewhat glad/disappointed that we have to wear them only once. Why?

- I can wear something WITHOUT a collar or turtleneck
- It's big and comfy
- I don't have to worry about my bra peeking out or sticking out
- You can wear ANYTHING over a freaking t-shirt

- It's an unoriginal design
- It sucks compared to last year's shirt
- The sizing is off. I ordered a small and it came in fitting more like a medium.
- It looks like the whole class is part of a baseball team

Now, you may look at that picture and MAYBE know how it looks like a baseball uniform top. Others may not. Want more proof?

Say it ain't soooooooo!!!!
Yes, we have tacky placed nicknames in baseball font AND an enormous Roman numeral for 11 (2011)...why? Because the senior counsel is so lame. I don't feel like a senior with it on, I feel like I should be pitching a ball at someone's face. Ugh, sorry, I just needed to rant.

(Btw my nickname is Eskimo based off of a story with my old friend Ron;; it was winter after school and i was wearing my coat with the fur trim hood. my other friend came over wearing her fur trim hood coat and started fixing my trim. Ron then goes "See how the lower tribe members prim their leader in order to be ready for their annual, customary mating ritual with other eskimo tribes...this is truly a fascinating activity for the Eskiho's." I pretty much died laughing. So, as a dedication to Ron, I made my nickname Eskimo [since Eskiho is just a BIT inappropiate]).

And [/rant]


This is geometry, this is the life of you and I.

you're such a square.

So lately, I've have gained a love of squares; okay, specifically geometric shapes. Squares, triangles, stars, lightning bolts, diamonds, anything with sharp angles basically. In fact, so much that I've been planning on using geometric shapes on my first clothing line. Although my plans include warm colours, faux fur, and florals WITH the geometrics, the classiest use of geometric shapes has to be with black, gold, and silver combined.

The simple shape of a square is so classic. I mean, it's simplicity makes it so easy to dress it up and accessorize with. The square is so prominent. No matter what, you cannot avoid the shape in SOME fashion sense. Hell, squares are EVERYWHERE.

Architecture is probably uses squares the most for structure. Thousands upon thousands of buildings and other structures have used squares. Squares are even used for the aesthetics too. Modern houses these days uses squares as both as seen above. For some reason, it just oozes "modern" and "chic" and "future forward."

Art definitely uses squares too. Cubism is one of the most obvious art styles that incorporates not only squares, but other geometric shapes. M.C. Escher and his tessellations has took geometry by storm (including my geometry class last year when we had to do a project making our own tessellations) and even the iconic painting of Piet Mondrian, Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, has used the square it its own advantage.

And of course, fashion has taken the square and other geometric shapes for inspiration. Whether it's the "hair square", a pattern incorporating squares, or a dress based off a painting based off the squares (thanks Piet), the square has been looked up to for various reasons and has been manipulated to produce a new impact every time.

Of course, there's still millions of other uses of squares, but then this post would be a bit long (although it's not TOO long since I'm not really going into REAL detail [sorry, I'm a bit sluggish] ). But the square will stick around as long as it can be reused and recycled.


tree stars...meteor showers!

I hate this photo colour I did, but I was in the blue mood.
I was bored and decided to make some bows after a few months of my last few. I kinda fudged up the one before, but that's because it was my first in awhile haha. The one I'm wearing know is smaller and MUCH cuter hehe. I love making bows. I'll be wearing them to school hehe.

She grew up just north of privileged

I'm wearing this today because I'm a bit lazy and don't feel like wearing anything complicated. A simple white tee, cuffed shorts, black knee high socks, a floral scarf wrapped around my waist with a diy string necklace.
(made with this tutorial, minus the dying:")

shut up, i know the saturation button threw up on this picture. haha.
Honestly, this scarf is the best scarf ever. It's enormous and the pattern is to die for. I got it at a flea market for five bucks and it's also super soft and warm. I use it all the time in the winter. Well, I still don't have much to talk about since school will be my major soul stealer. Maybe I'll post up my uniform outfits.

I'll update as I deem appropiate. thanks you.

i wear my sunglasses at night

I'm so in Pjs right here.
Last night I got these new shades (which are spectacular if I must say) and the tiedye sweatpants lower in the picture when my family returned from their vacation. I must say, the pants are so soft and warm and the shades are, once again, spectacular. Expect lots of images of it. I love peace signs, so they immediately impressed me.

Thanks family<3


i like a girl in uniform

Above is me; Evey Marrie. And I'm in my school uniform. I'm into fashion so I try to make my uniform as unique as possible, while also it's my last year of school, so I also don't give a crap about other people's opinions. I'm seventeen and lacking a lot of experiences a typical teenager would have. I really dig art and literature and makeup and hair, but currently, fashion is my numero uno. Basically this blog will consist of anything and everything I love. You'll learn more about me as this thing continues on because right now, I'm lazy teehee.