Come on and safari with me

Alright, so today is my first post of my school uniform fashionness. Today, I went for like, a unintentional safari theme. I didn't realize it until I was holding my leopard pencil case (which is cute btw) and I noticed the khaki of my jacket and the dark belt around it. It made me happy hehe. Btw I do mark my faces if I think they look dumb or ugly haha.

School was pretty boring, but I kept warm at least. hehe. I was hoping I'd get to see my boyfriend today but atlas, he did not come to the bus stop to get me. Oh, sigh. Anyway, yes, that's all I really have to say for now.

Polo; Hane's
Jacket; New York & Company
Skirt; Tommy Jeans
Shoes; Route 66
Bracelets; Claire's
Headband; Claire's

Belt is unknown and the necklace was diy'ed using this tutorial:

So yeah, thank you for reading :)

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