I saw your haircut in a storefront

Two hours ago, I decided I wanted bangs. Why? Because I can. And I did.

I officially have sideswept bangs, cut on my own. I think I left a lot of my hair in the bathroom, but whatever. It took awhile to get it correct, like my angle kept changing because first I used my finger placement over the hair as my guide, but it kept going straight, so I was pretty close to get blunt bangs.

However, I aided myself but using a comb at an angle which made it pretty perfect, you know? It kept it steady and in the angle I needed it. So I snipped and snipped and snipped. My face was covered in hair and the sink was stuffed, yet now, I get to go along high school with some kickass bangs.

I'm pimp.

Thanks for listening to my spontaneity.

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