Killjoys make some noise! Na na na

my, my, my, what a romance.
I was watching MTV today and saw the commercials for My Chemical Romance's new video/single "Na Na Na." After years of their more dark, borderline emo (if not all emo) look of all black, it's nice to have a refresh of bright colours, kitschy uses of patterns, and anything reminding you of retro superheros with bold colours of: red, yellow, and blue (and a smidge of orange ;D )

I must say, Gerard looks glorious with red hair and should definitely keep it hehe. Black was too harsh on his pale skin, and the blonde made him a bit of a creeper, but the red has edge and brings colour even if he decided to jump back onto the black wagon.

And as inspiration, I have made a polyvore of it. Incorporating basic comic standards of primary colours, prints, and bold eyeshadows and bracelets. Oh, you guys make me want to slap some red lipstick and a blue leather jacket and walk out that door FIERCE ;D

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