Shaking that thing like you're playing Pop Warner

Look at me pimping this senior shirt, yo...
So my school with it's new, strict-ish uniform code allows seniors (aka my grade of twelfth) to wear our senior shirts every 11th of the month. Once a month. And I will say that I'm somewhat glad/disappointed that we have to wear them only once. Why?

- I can wear something WITHOUT a collar or turtleneck
- It's big and comfy
- I don't have to worry about my bra peeking out or sticking out
- You can wear ANYTHING over a freaking t-shirt

- It's an unoriginal design
- It sucks compared to last year's shirt
- The sizing is off. I ordered a small and it came in fitting more like a medium.
- It looks like the whole class is part of a baseball team

Now, you may look at that picture and MAYBE know how it looks like a baseball uniform top. Others may not. Want more proof?

Say it ain't soooooooo!!!!
Yes, we have tacky placed nicknames in baseball font AND an enormous Roman numeral for 11 (2011)...why? Because the senior counsel is so lame. I don't feel like a senior with it on, I feel like I should be pitching a ball at someone's face. Ugh, sorry, I just needed to rant.

(Btw my nickname is Eskimo based off of a story with my old friend Ron;; it was winter after school and i was wearing my coat with the fur trim hood. my other friend came over wearing her fur trim hood coat and started fixing my trim. Ron then goes "See how the lower tribe members prim their leader in order to be ready for their annual, customary mating ritual with other eskimo tribes...this is truly a fascinating activity for the Eskiho's." I pretty much died laughing. So, as a dedication to Ron, I made my nickname Eskimo [since Eskiho is just a BIT inappropiate]).

And [/rant]

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