This is geometry, this is the life of you and I.

you're such a square.

So lately, I've have gained a love of squares; okay, specifically geometric shapes. Squares, triangles, stars, lightning bolts, diamonds, anything with sharp angles basically. In fact, so much that I've been planning on using geometric shapes on my first clothing line. Although my plans include warm colours, faux fur, and florals WITH the geometrics, the classiest use of geometric shapes has to be with black, gold, and silver combined.

The simple shape of a square is so classic. I mean, it's simplicity makes it so easy to dress it up and accessorize with. The square is so prominent. No matter what, you cannot avoid the shape in SOME fashion sense. Hell, squares are EVERYWHERE.

Architecture is probably uses squares the most for structure. Thousands upon thousands of buildings and other structures have used squares. Squares are even used for the aesthetics too. Modern houses these days uses squares as both as seen above. For some reason, it just oozes "modern" and "chic" and "future forward."

Art definitely uses squares too. Cubism is one of the most obvious art styles that incorporates not only squares, but other geometric shapes. M.C. Escher and his tessellations has took geometry by storm (including my geometry class last year when we had to do a project making our own tessellations) and even the iconic painting of Piet Mondrian, Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, has used the square it its own advantage.

And of course, fashion has taken the square and other geometric shapes for inspiration. Whether it's the "hair square", a pattern incorporating squares, or a dress based off a painting based off the squares (thanks Piet), the square has been looked up to for various reasons and has been manipulated to produce a new impact every time.

Of course, there's still millions of other uses of squares, but then this post would be a bit long (although it's not TOO long since I'm not really going into REAL detail [sorry, I'm a bit sluggish] ). But the square will stick around as long as it can be reused and recycled.

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