Adopting a new accent.

I wore this to an adoption party. My friends Jen & Steve have been trying to adopt their son Jojo for years. His family finally gave up on trying to get him back (just saying, he had a bad family. Mom was I believe a prostitute & the dad was a criminal who is locked up.) so now he's theirs. We partied at their place. Barbeque, wii games, etc.

More pictures belows

The one accessory I can ALWAYS count on is my leopard scarf. It seriously spices up any outfit. Nothing like a little monochromatic colouring.

My awesome buttons say "Hard to Replace" & the other is a vintage, like from the 70s, Darth Vader. It's so amazing. Especially because I got both for 50 cents each.

i'm so serious. i got a bit of Karl Legerfeld here.
That's about it though. XD But IMMEDIATELY after this party, I had another party to go to; my friend Michelle's 18th birthday party. Her theme was rave. It was crazy awesome. Pictures coming soooooon.

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Sunglasses; boardwalk at Wildwood, NJ
Jacket; LA Kitty, some department store
Shirt; OP, Walmart
Scarf; Walmart
Peace bandana; flea market
Necklace; Target
Gray tank: Hanes, Walmart
Bracelet; flea market
Jeans; Rave, Rave
Shoes; American Eagle, Payless
Buttons; yard sale

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