and all the non-believers..

oh uniforms
And comes the end of Spirit Week, and I must return to wearing my conforming uniforms; Polos, knee length skirts, and a palette of red, white, and blue.

oh hey, whatsup?
One of my favorite, classic looks now include my polos tucked into my high waisted, pleated skirt. It's so modern Catholic-school (if I may make that a style now).

Things I don't like about the skirt; its knee length & the front is held together by three buttons. Pretty much, it's like a wrap skirt and it can become a whore skirt in the matter of three flicks >> Very annoying to fix when I'm walking, but cute nonetheless.

The necklace, I unfortunately broke :( One of the hearts anyway. Those two connecting black hearts are supposed to have a red heart in between, but i leant on the table wrong and it snapped, so I had to click the black parts together >< Sad sad sad. And the belt came with a dress I bought, but I love the belt way too much to keep it ONLY with the dress.

Polo: Salvation Army
Skirt: Rifle Schoolwear, gift
Belt: Deb
Necklace: Claire's
Shoes: Route 66

Check out my chictopia account to look at better, tall-ways photos of this outfit.

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