Hey vanity, this vile's empty

I've been going through photos in school on Chictopia (which is my numero one time-killer during class) and I keep spotting fur vests. So, I dig how they look at other people, however, a fur vest on me is like, a no-no. I just feel weird spotting a back full of hair basically haha. However, there were five outfits I did really like that sported them really well to me:

artic chill by Lremesi
1.) A shaggy brown vest paired with a plain tee, black skinnies, and edgy high heels. It's a casual look with a hint of glam. Don't deny it.

Red & fur by Sissy

2.) You don't see black furry vests often (or at least I don't) and with a red dress, it'll definitely contrast and make everything just pop. And don't get me started on those godly boots haha, however this post is about fur vests, mind you.

Layers & Gold by StylePantry

3.) Taking the vest to a more relaxed style, pairing it with loose fitting, dark clothes, so the vest becomes the focal point of the outfit (minus the cute purse). And the necklace absolutely is gorgeous combined with the vest. (and totally jealous of her hair. I LOVE big hair)

Fur vest by thevintagesociety
4.) When the off-white fur vests hit the humidity, they puff out and become a cloud; With this cloud, it has been styled with an edgy outfit. Basic tops and army styled pants with a cool fringe heel. The cloud levels out the hard, toughness of the belt, basically making this outfit a total hit in my eyes.

i bet that i can make you believe in love and sex by beware_of_my_heels

5.) And lastly, an outfit I totally adore. It's schoolgirl with a twist, genius. A classic, crisp white button up with a perfect bow, shorts that show enough leg, and the adorableness of those tights paired with the vest that hits the same length as the shorts. Absolutely brilliant.

Overall, I wish I could rock a vest as well as these girls can.

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