I love new stufffff!

First off, the gold clutch; This was my grandma's from decades ago. Surprisingly, it's in great shape still. It's REALLY tiny though and I'm a kinda materialistic person, so I NEED space for EVERYTHING haha. It's probably because I'm still a teen and I don't understand "necessities."

Second, the crochet scarf. Sooo long, so soft ^^ No wonder my grandma had it. It's perfect for New York winter. And it wraps so nicely also.

Third, the bandana scarf. It's decently soft, and HUGE. I wrap and tie it around my neck very loosely and it just looks so chic. love.

Fourth, is this dress. I like it, I don't love. However, I think it'd look a lot better if it was strapless. Anyway, we got this for my cousin's wedding.

More posts still rolling in ;D

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