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This week at my school is Spirit Week. Yesterday's theme was "Costume Day," of which I was a hungover party chick aka Ke$ha aka 80s gutterpunk haha. Today's was "Hippie Day."

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Obviously since no one seems to know the actual ways hippies dressed in the day, they would know that they aren't head to toe colourful in tiedye with things tied around their foreheads and tight jeans and sneakers. I was one of the few people who wore the earthy, patterned clothing they wore. Yes, I had a headband around my head, but that was about it. Simple is best. They matched up different textured and patterned clothing into their own unique styles. I stood out in that way.

Also, sorry about the crap quality of the photos. Sometimes my camera takes really high quality pictures. Other times, it sucks balls.

Dress: Weaver's (from Kohl's)
Jacket: from flea market
Necklace: Target
Headband: Claire's
Sunglasses: from flea market

That's all. Thanks. :)

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