this is halloween.

Happy Halloween (DONT LOOK AT MY BRA!)
So it was Halloween when I wore this. I was going to go trick or treating, but unfortunately the mighty power of the period came storming in and I had succumbed to the power of megacramps. I had to decline going with my friends, however Midol saved the day. I spent part of the day watching tv, being on the computer, & giving candy out to midgets. However, my mom is one of those moms who buy the REALLY cheap candy packs that only come with a gross sucker, cheap gum, and like this weird fruit thing. Felt bad for the treaters.

My eyes were kinda retarded.
This sweater is so thin, but so soft. It's stolen from my grandpa who used to wear it all the time, but now I claim it as mine...MINE! And wore them old 90s fit shorts with red tights underneath. Just because you look good doesn't mean you can deny yourself of warmth.

So cute. Love this picture.
And I'll be the one to say that I absolutely cannot resist this necklace. It almost takes place in 70% of my outfits lately. It may be a cut up t-shirt, but it's a very valuable piece to me. And that is all for now. :)

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