vroom, vroom.

Oh hai, my room is clean for once
Today, I went with my family to my dad's motorcycle club's Turkey Run. It's a motorcycle run that leads you to a "mystery restaurant" where we'll eat dinner at. You follow a trail of dots that lead you towards the directions of the place. It's really cool. I also invited my boyfriend to come with, which was awesome ^^

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I'm a stunna in these shades
I wore this when I went out. For some reason, I'm just addicted to yellow shirts under flannel shirts, like I have no idea. I think its the clash of something really feminine and bright and the mellow campy shades. Anywhoodles, I absolutely love these sunglasses. ugh. XD

ima stud.
The vest has studs along the hood. I did it with leftover studs because this vest REALLY needed some personality. However, sometimes my hair gets caught in it which equals mega ouchies at the end of the day. I didn't wear the hood up once though. It's cool.

fluff and all that stuff
And finally, these shoes, spectacular. One of the few pairs of shoes (two honestly) that I can wear without socks and keep warm. I love flats with material on the inside. Especially on a cold day like today, it was necessary. Anyway, the day was good. The restaurant was nice, food okay. Tons of activities and baked goods (i have a semi-bakery in my house, that's how much baked goods there were), and paper airplanes galore.

Sunglasses: flea market
Flannel shirt: Cabin Creek, thrifted
Vest: UO, found in my room
Shirt: No Boundaries, gift
Pants: Vanilla Sky, Deb
Shoes: Route 66, K-Mart

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. ^^

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