This is how you celebrate Christmas

Or at least that's how I wish I did.
Hope you had a good Holiday. If I'm not able to steal a computer in the next few days, I wish y'all a Happy New Year.


forest patches.

I'm in love with dark greens, messy hair, cozy slippers, open weave sweaters, warm cottons, and dark flannel. I know it's opposite of winter, but dammit, fall is so much more stylish.

Thank goodness we only got maybe a foot max because of the "Eastern Winter Blizzard." huzzah.

Update on computer status.

So recently, my computer pooped and now until it's fixed, I'm computerless. I'm currently using my parents computer which makes me feel like I'm back in fourth grade haha. Until it's fixed (in a week or so), I'll barely be updating. Of course it's when I get back into the flow of trying to update at least once a day that it goes down the drain.

You can still see what I'm up to via Twitter (just look to the left sidebar for the linkage).


Merry Christmas! (to me hehe)

I got a bunch of stuff for Christmas which I entirely love. There's usually things that I don't like or I have to ignore that I received or something, but this year, the score was pretty good for me. I really do love my family and I appreciate the hard cold cash they spent on a little greedy brat like I am.

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snap, snap.

Okay, a week ago, a very special gift came in: a camera ring! Courtesy of Chictopia Rewards & Cross Roads Trading. I "bought" it off the Chictopia rewards page while I was in the middle of class. I wanted to jump up and cheer but I'm pretty shure I would get in trouble haha.

Ain't it adorable? It's a big old charm of camera on my finger. It's spectacular.

I think it's a great ring and lemme tell you, I ain't a ring person. I don't like having to worry even MORE about my hands. I have a finger biting issue, so I'm always attempting to hide my hands. If I'm hiding my hands, no one will see the ring. But also, I tend to forget easily about my jewelry, so if I take this off, I may not see it again :(

And the sizing on the listing said it was "Size 7/8." Honestly, I don't know ring sizes. These were the only ring sizes I thought there was: It fits or it doesn't. Period. It's close to fitting, but it's just a tidbit too big for me. However, if I get like a cotton lining underneath it, it can take up the rest of the room.

Otherwise, I think it looks great on me. If it doesn't work out, maybe I'll have a little giveaway for it. Who knows? Anywhoodles, thanks for looking. And Merry Christmas.


luxe grunge.

luxe grunge.
luxe grunge. by Evangelinia featuring bolero jackets

My current love is "luxe grunge"; A beautiful combination of the rich life of golds, glimmers, chains, falsies, ruffles, and bows & the poor life of plaid, ragged fishnets, roughed up combat boots, cheap leopard and grandma prints.

I don't care if technically this is a fall style, it is too amazing for me to ignore haha.


I wore this yesterday to go to the mall with my friends. This happens to be my friend's kitchen that I had to use for photoness haha. It was great. The place where my camera is leaned was over this HUGE hole beneath her sink. In other words, my camera was two centimeters to disappearing from my ownership haha.

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I wore this Friday to school. It was the day that my school was "officially" cracking down on the code. There were too many people getting away with exposed undershirts, black/pink/purple polos, too short skirts, or other "illegal contraband." I wanted to walk into school not head to toe in averageness like everyone else who feared the code. I walked into school dressed similar to a "referee"; although the school made the rules, I enforced them in a unique way.

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I know it's usual haha. But there's a lot of pictures coming up right now. But click below for more of these pics haha



Second severely late uniform update. Same as the last post, I have no story to go with it unfortunately :(

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Omg, this is a SEVERE late uniform post, so there's no story unfortunately. Just pretty pictures to look at haha.

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I wore this during the middle of last week I believe:

Pretty simple & athletic looking...kinda haha. With a smidge of Catholic school girl. Also, in school, I wasn't able to wear the tank top out. Actually, I got yelled at for it, so I had to tuck it in, but I had it out because there's a hole under the zipper of the skirt XP

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Point of me being at my grandma's was to be there for my cousin's wedding. This cousin isn't particularly close to us, but we had to be there for her big day & this is what I wore:

By the way, I am classy for taking pictures in a bathroom at the reception haha.

I just REALLY want to make the point that the black parts that look blue are actually black. The lighting just did some wacky undertone thing. Proof?

Sorry for the crap quality of this pic, but overall, it's STILL a black colour haha. BTW, I love the posture i have haha. I was trying to take pics and get it over with man.

The lace for this dress is absolutely amazing. I love it. The gold undertone (literally under) just makes it pop oh so much. And oh look! The same necklace AGAIN. I know; I abuse the crap out of it haha.

I love the ruffle detail on the skirt of the dress, it's just so flowy. The tights are "coffee" which are pretty much two shades too dark of a "nude" for me haha. And the shoes my grandma gave me to use for the wedding. It went with the dress & the accessories.

That be it for this post. More still coming! (Also the dress is from JC Penny ;D)

RETRO, Dance, Freak

I really suck at updating don't I?

Okay, well I wore this the following Tuesday from my visit to my grandma's.

I was feeling a kind of 30s, 40s, 50s feel (I don't know which era specifically since I hardly ever look up the past haha) and decided to mesh a range of colours together. The royal blue, the navy blue, the red, the black, and even the white; somehow I managed to clash everything together well.

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