I know it's usual haha. But there's a lot of pictures coming up right now. But click below for more of these pics haha

 Oh yeah, just saying, the blocks are only here because I didn't like my eyes at all in these pictures...or these pictures in general XD It was soooo rushed.

The hole in my stocking got even bigger :( It deeply depressed me. And I'm surprised I wasn't caught by the teachers for having studs on my belts. I broke the belt rule: 
"All belts must be a solid color of black, brown, or white with no adornments and a standard buckle."

Ugh, I look like a slob XD... okay, a chic slob, but still haha.

And as usual, my overused black necklace (along with my heart chain necklace no one but me noticed haha) and on the right is my new, handmade crocheted headband. I had leftover yarn from making my boyfriend a scarf for Christmas, so I crocheted a headband for me :)

Polo: American Eagle, Salvation Army
Necklace: Both from Walmart
Belt: given to me by friend
Capris; hand cut
Tights; Claire's
Shoes; Route 66, K-mart

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