I wore this during the middle of last week I believe:

Pretty simple & athletic looking...kinda haha. With a smidge of Catholic school girl. Also, in school, I wasn't able to wear the tank top out. Actually, I got yelled at for it, so I had to tuck it in, but I had it out because there's a hole under the zipper of the skirt XP

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I remember getting the heart chain necklace around three summers ago when I was with my ex... I also got a pair of Tripp pants courtesy of him haha. Also, the hearts are the biggest class distractions. I spin them around ALL THE TIME.

The razor necklace was actually given to me by my mysterious friend Vampire (or Billy, but Vampire suited him WAY better). He gave me it wrapped in a piece of paper which also had a real razorblade in it. I have to say, that was one of my top three favorite gifts of all time haha. I lost the real razorblade, but I have this fake one to keep to always remember him (he finished school a week earlier than I did and I didn't know until someone told me. I never got to give him a real goodbye :( Haven't heard from him since )

This skirt is quite mini, but a very soft cotton-nylon material ^^ The lines on the skirt kinda give me a punk feel to it because it has such a different texture from other skirts I've owned.

 (Just have to fix that hole first lol)

The knee highs are so rad. I love striped tube socks. I wish I had more in more colours. Gr. And paired with the Converse also throws me back into a 60s, 70s loop of the casual younger kid look. teehhee.

And yeah, I was experimenting a bit with angles. I think it turned out well haha.

Shirt: Aeropostale, Salvation Army
Tank: Hanes, Walmart
Skirt: Salvation Army
Socks: Deb
Shoes: Airwalks, K-Mart
Necklace: Claire's
Razor: Vampire..

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