I wore this yesterday to go to the mall with my friends. This happens to be my friend's kitchen that I had to use for photoness haha. It was great. The place where my camera is leaned was over this HUGE hole beneath her sink. In other words, my camera was two centimeters to disappearing from my ownership haha.

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I wore this because I wanted to look good and comfy. Yeah, it's the winter and chilly, but I love the skirt. Btw, that isn't a scar, it's a run in my nude stockings haha. The socks are also new, although I bought them last month. I was warm up top, chic down below. I loved my outfit hehe.

Me, and my other friends, Jessica, her little sister Michelle, and our friend Lucas (who's gay and had some awesome freaking makeup and had the best cut to hell jeans around) left for the mall. We ended up stopping at a knick-knack shop (i found SO MANY THINGS i loved :) ) and then ended up at the mall. I had no money, so I was just a window shopper. I lost my friends like two times XD

Oh, there was this one shop called "Alpaca World" where everything is made of alpaca. And instead of "Don't touch signs" they had "Please touch. You'll be happy you did." signs. It was adorable haha. I found the most perfect floral sunglasses ever at Icing. I wanted to cry when they were 16 bucks :( They were PERFECT ugggghhhh.nfkjdsahfudaishfnsakkkk12422222

Jessica and Michelle were going gift shopping for people. Lucas' goal was to find black and white eyeshadow haha. So when we were at Icing, he found blue eyeliner, sparkly white shadow, and and sparkly black shadow w/white sparkle shadow in the middle. He was happeh haha. I on the otherhand, the most I got was bought food from Chic-a-fil (or something like that), leftover piece of a Cinnabon thing, and food from Wendy's. haha. I wish more happened :(

 I also had cool sunglasses.

Jacket; L.A. Kitty, Boscov's
Tank top; Hanes, Walmart
Black scarf; grandma's
White scarf; Walmart
Necklace; Walmart
Belt; given to me by friend
Skirt; Oxford & Regis, Salvation Army
Tights; JC Penny
Socks; Walmart
Shoes; Route 66, K-Mart
Sunglasses; from a Boardwalk

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