Merry Christmas! (to me hehe)

I got a bunch of stuff for Christmas which I entirely love. There's usually things that I don't like or I have to ignore that I received or something, but this year, the score was pretty good for me. I really do love my family and I appreciate the hard cold cash they spent on a little greedy brat like I am.

Now go check out the rest below:

 From my dad's mom, I received:
This amazing makeup travel case. It comes with a long arm strap & the little top handle. I love the rainbow hearts. Sometimes I find rainbows and hearts a little too endearing, but I think it's pretty cute now.

The inside is cute too with wispy feather prints and a tiny mirror. The little placements are convinient, but I don't hold many lipsticks or have too many thick handled brushes.

My grandma also went to Victoria's Secret & got me a ton of their beauty stuff, including shimmer lotion, PINK, and Beauty Rush.

I've never owned anything from Victoria's Secret, so this is a really cool surprise. I believe PINK is like, their environmentally friendly line & I didn't know it extended into body care line. The lotion smells pretty good in the bottle, on the body, it's iffy. However, it is softening. I haven't tried the body wash yet, but it'll probably be just as good.

These Beauty Rush body sprays are so nice too. The pink one in the bottle smells like floral mixed with old woman perfume, you know what I mean? Like real strong, but the floral makes like a really strong floral perfume.When it's on you (or at least on my skin), it smells like bubblegum, cotton candy, really really sweet. Just saying, I'm not too much of a sweet-smell person. My limit is cherry blossoms & vanilla.

The orange one in the bottle smells like a bakery; ginger, cinnamon, a little musky herbal as if you're making a cookie dough. On you, it smells like cinnamon with a hint of vanilla. I LOVE this one. I especially love it because I adore like, deep aroma rich scents like vanilla, jasmine, etc. I'm more of a "sensual" scent lover. Second reason, my boyfriend LOVES cinnamon. So there's another reason to "woot!" He won't be able to stop hugging and kissing me haha.

And lastly, the "Tease, Give In" shimmer lotion. In the bottle, it smells hardly like anything. On hardly smelt like anything. Like there was a hint of "sugar," but it was really really brief. However it is shimmery. This will definitely be used when prom comes along for my legs hehe.


From my mom's mom, I got:

Knee high fuzzy socks. So warm, and so cute. The striped one, I'll definitely start wearing in school.

Brown thigh high leg warmers. I've never owned REAL pairs of legwarmers. I usually make my own but they're sooo cute. I'll also definitely wear these in school too or at least on cold days before the bus comes.

And of course, underwear. It's not Christmas unless you get underwear. At least these are cute and soft. AND surprisingly the correct size. They're either too big or too small. These were perfect. whee!


From my mom's friend, I got:

These two cute bracelets. I'm not too much of a bracelet person anymore, but I guess I'm gonna start getting back into them hehe. These are so cute in its simplicity. Two silver bangles held together by one loop that has a colourful circle and a heart charm hanging on it. It can basically go with anything!


From my boyfriend, I got:

He got me this AMAZING vanilla body spray. Oh my god, you have no idea hehe. He even told me that he had to spray it on himself because it smelled that good. I'll tell you, he's as much as a vanilla lover as I am haha. Really, I sprayed a tiny bit last night on my wrist and it STILL smells today.

And this morbidly adorable children's book I told him I wanted like two months ago. I was etsy'ing and I saw this book. I'm a big fan of the Edward Gorey & his amazingly dark children's books like "The Gashlycrumb Tinies," so when I found this book, I definitely needed it. And it's as adorably dark as it looks. I thank my boyfriend so much.

From my mom, she got me a red dress. But it's not just a normal red dress, it's a special occassion dress for a few months. I don't want to give too much details just because of a certain someone who reads this blog every so often, however, I can't wait til (s)he sees me in it hehe.


Thank you in looking, reading, and partaking in this little narcisstic gift showing of my Christmas holidays. I hope you got everything you wanted :)

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