I wore this Friday to school. It was the day that my school was "officially" cracking down on the code. There were too many people getting away with exposed undershirts, black/pink/purple polos, too short skirts, or other "illegal contraband." I wanted to walk into school not head to toe in averageness like everyone else who feared the code. I walked into school dressed similar to a "referee"; although the school made the rules, I enforced them in a unique way.

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I walked into school all happy in my cool attire when my friend stopped me and asked "You're wearing THIS on the day they're cracking down on the code?" She was wearing a white button up and black capris with very limited accessories. She obviously feared the code. I, on the other hand, I am the referee. I walked past the administrators, head held high; not one word to me. Obviously, I'm in the clear. First period, the teachers are now supposed to individually check the students outfits. I passed of course.

I think I got a few looks from people about my outfit, but it's whatever. The main thing that confuses people is my necklace because it's like, shredded. Whatever, it's a customization of a shirt that was too small for me. Oh also, I did add a pin later on in the day. I found it in my leopard pencil case. I forgot I wore it in school once and took it off, so I put it on. It was a nice addition ^^

And the white stripe over my black belt is a white, stretchy headband. Surprisingly, it worked really well for the decoration. I didn't have any white to go with the white stripes on the shoes, so I thought quickly and saw the headband and just threw it over my waist. I'm glad I'm that tiny haha (25 inch waist I believe)

And this was the pin I had hehe

Polo; Salvation Army
Necklace: diy
Dress; Energie, Salvation Army
Belt; given to me
Headband; Dollar store
Pin; Five Below
Tights; Claire's
Socks; Deb's
Shoes; Route 66, K-Mart

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