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I really suck at updating don't I?

Okay, well I wore this the following Tuesday from my visit to my grandma's.

I was feeling a kind of 30s, 40s, 50s feel (I don't know which era specifically since I hardly ever look up the past haha) and decided to mesh a range of colours together. The royal blue, the navy blue, the red, the black, and even the white; somehow I managed to clash everything together well.

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The "cardigan-jacket" is actually a turtleneck that I cut up the middle. I didn't like how high the neck was on me, so to spare it the trouble of just sitting in my closet being rejected, I gave it new life. I took a pair of scissors to the middle and BAM, cute nifty cardigan. And it's thin enough that I can layer it over things without feeling overbundled but warm enough that I can just get through school with the "cardigan" (and believe me, my school gets coooold).

And the belt is starting to be my second most abused accessory currently it. It actually came with a dress that I haven't worn in awhile (1, can't wear it in school, 2, haven't found the right occassion, 3, it's a spring/summer dress), so I use the belt to tighten things up.

And my number one abused accessory; this necklace. You don't know how often I have used it. Wait, yes you do (if you look at my Chictopia ).

And this bow I made with my own hands (handmade duh haha) and I think it's adorable. It's inspired by those big bow Japanese girls sometimes wear, but it's a bit more cheaply made. I made a black one for my friend and she says when it's black, it looks like a French bow, but then again, I made hers smaller than mine.

"Cardigan": Dress Barn, Salvation Army
Polo: unknown, Salvation Army
Necklace: unknown, Walmart
Bow: Handmade
Belt: from a dress from Deb
Skirt: Rifle Schoolwear, was a gift
Stockings: Claire's
Shoes: Route 66, K-Mart

Thanks<3 ^^ More still coming though.

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