Point of me being at my grandma's was to be there for my cousin's wedding. This cousin isn't particularly close to us, but we had to be there for her big day & this is what I wore:

By the way, I am classy for taking pictures in a bathroom at the reception haha.

I just REALLY want to make the point that the black parts that look blue are actually black. The lighting just did some wacky undertone thing. Proof?

Sorry for the crap quality of this pic, but overall, it's STILL a black colour haha. BTW, I love the posture i have haha. I was trying to take pics and get it over with man.

The lace for this dress is absolutely amazing. I love it. The gold undertone (literally under) just makes it pop oh so much. And oh look! The same necklace AGAIN. I know; I abuse the crap out of it haha.

I love the ruffle detail on the skirt of the dress, it's just so flowy. The tights are "coffee" which are pretty much two shades too dark of a "nude" for me haha. And the shoes my grandma gave me to use for the wedding. It went with the dress & the accessories.

That be it for this post. More still coming! (Also the dress is from JC Penny ;D)

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