Where have I gone?

There were many times the past few weeks that I stood in a nice outfit, camera out and ready to snap a picture of myself. There were times that I sat at my computer staring at my blogger's homepage and debated whether I want to update or not. There were times that I wanted to just delete this so I wouldn't feel hassled to NEED to update. 

Then I wondered if anyone actually looks at this blog and misses posts. Then I thought, "Tons of bloggers have time between posts, why do I feel the need to want to update every single day?" Most of my favorite blogs are spontaneous posters or they'll do a once a week thing. I feel obligated to blog even though I WANTED to blog every single day. 

Perhaps the freedom of school overwhelmed me and now I feel free from blogging. I blogged for a reason when I did my uniform posts. I blogged because it helped me escape the torture of uniforms. It gave me a reason to want to overdress, underdress, and dress in wackadoo ways. This doesn't apply to my Chictopia account, that was just because I like fashion, but this blog was meant for my school uniforms. Without an uniform, this blog seems a bit pointless for me. I stare at it, my camera in hand with a nice outfit on and think "This doesn't represent my current style whatsoever." Even my latest outfits doesn't fit the theme here which was "Up with uniform fashion!" (note: poor theme choice haha).

I still love fashion, but this blog is just not me anymore. So, I'm going to have depart here and create a new blog. I know this is a pretty crappy ending to this, especially because it didn't even last a full year, but I feel bad for feeling bad about not blogging. Blogging should be enjoyed, you know? Not required. And with that, goodbye blog.

The next post I'll make will be my new blog's address once it's up and running. Thanks my very few readers :)



Oh, wow.

I just completely died there after promising more updates. To be honest, I have no other excuse but these pictures:

A skeleton bride, a hat, an octopus, a devil, a baby chick, and a hair bow.

These are the things I've been making since I've now become addicted to crochetting. Seriously, it's almost a never-ending process. I hardly ever stop it. I'm not sure whether I should call it an addiction or a heavily enjoyed hobby haha.

Either way, this is why I've been missing in action.


Back from Myrtle Beach!

Hey! I'm back from Myrtle Beach. Specifically, I've BEEN back. I got back on Saturday the 16th :3 Oops, late update. Anywhoodle, since I've come back, I've been practicing my driving, which is coolio. Today, I have up to an hour and 5 minutes of driving experience under my belt haha.

Back to Myrtle Beach, I did a ton of things. I went bananaboating, I went parasailing (the bananaboat was included because we had to get to the boat in the middle of the ocean), minigolfing, beaches, shopping, etc.And I celebrated my 18th birthday watching Beatlemania (a Beatles cover band) at the Carolina Opry Theatre. It was aweeeesome. I didn't take any outfit pictures, but I took so many others. Maybe I'll post a few later :)

I'm kind of lazy to write anymore, so there you go. More outfit posts on the way :)



I'm wearing this today. It was kind of cool outside, so I put on my little mini blazer-jacket. It be soo soft. I was pretty lazy this morning, so I just put on a simple shirt, simple jeans, and a simple necklace... and added on the out of nowhere finger armor. Honestly, I've been trying to be simple and chic, but more about that in another post.

This is my wonderful finger armor. It was given to me by my friend Josh back in the day. It's slightly broken and it didn't fit him anymore, so he gave it to me. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit me too. It's not too small, it's too big. On my middle finger (obviously the longest finger on the hand), the tip of it hardly holds onto the top hook. Also with its brokenness, it's prone to bending in weird ways. However, it's only there for the style haha.

I have ridiculously short nails due to nailbiting, but I've been painting my nails to stop it. It worked for a few weeks, but then I wiped it off. I wanted to see how long I could go before I bit the nicely grown nail. It lasted four, five days. It was long, but now my nails are super short once again. Now they're blazing red for the vacation. The necklace is just awesome. I saw it in Walmart and wanted it immediately. It's instant edge without trying. And there's the close up of my Dragon/Skull finger armor.

I lost the button to my pants :(

Posing was a bit weird to do because I was playing the balancing game with my camera. I had to have it hang off of a weight bar, keep it still, and run. With the wind blowing, it kept shaking and it felt like it was going to rain any second. Rushed photos man.

Hi, I'm a model trying too hard to ignore the camera.

Necklace: Walmart
Shirt: Faded Glory, Walmart
Blazer: Apt. 9, Salvation Army
Finger armor: gift
Belt: Pacsun
Jeans: Vanilla Star, Deb
Shoes: American Eagle, Payless

I'm going to be gone from tomorrow to July 16th on vacation. However, I should be back with dozens of photos :) I hope everyone has a fabulous week!


I wore this Wednesday when I went with my friends shopping ALL day. I was feeling a British vibe, so I use the skinnies, button up, and the awesome oxford shoes I be wearing. Unfortunately, I was running a bit late, so this was the only photo I could get in before I had to run to her house before they left. I just love how I managed to ruin the classiness with a Jackass button on the button up haha.

Feather earrings: Claire's, flea market
Deftones shirt: Deftones merch stand, Deftones concert
Button up: Aeropostale, Salvation Army
Jackass button: flea market
Purse: gift
J'Adore bracelet:
Jeggings: City Streets, flea market
Oxford shoes: Bamboo,



I'm wore this today. I wasn't doing much today, but out of the blue, my boyfriend wanted to come over. So I pretty much spent the whole day with him. Today was all about casualness since it was soooo hot today. The breezy materials made me feel light while the accessories added the weight. I also fishtailed my hair. It was sooo cute at first, but my layers started unraveling. It looked funky, but after these photos, it totally collapsed.

I think the thing I most like about the outfit is definitely the accessories. Even though silver makes tan skin look ashy, I adore how quick it is to make things fun. My wrist was full of all of my silver bracelets. I'm even wearing a ring! I hardly ever wear rings. My mom makes/sells jewelry and she ordered a bunch of skull rings. I took a tri-skull ring and even though it's tiny, it's still too big for my finger. Just my luck, eh?

So much jangly bangles, eh? (Pardon me, I've been overusing "eh." Too much South Park.)

I spent the whole day watching Viva La Bam. I say day well spent. Nothing like a little Bam Bam to brighten the evening up with the boo.

And that was my magnificent day. So happy I have a new camera.

Owl necklace: Deb
Peace necklace: Target
Gray dolman top: Selena Gomez's "Dream Out Loud", K-Mart
Purple tunic: American Dream, Deb
Assorted silver bracelets: Gifts and flea markets
Skull ring: From mom
Shoes: American Eagle, Payless

Have a great day!

Say hello to my children.

These sandals are the epitome of my summer wear. I wore them back in March once, but after that, they were just sitting in my closet. Now I wear them almost every outfit. Out of June of the 30 days, I probably wore them 20 times. They're addicting. While I hate thong sandals, since I'm a size 9 to 10 (these are 10), the thong part is more roomy-er, so I don't have it grinding between my toes. These sandals are the only exception to my "No thong sandals" rule. I also love how it generally goes with anything. I can slip it on with my jeggings or wear a breezy dress and these kind of toughen it up a bit. Adore these.



Guess what..... NEW CAMERA?!?!?! Finally! I just went to Best Buy in this outfit to buy my new camera thanks to their marvelous July 4th sale. So uber happy :)

I know I'm spectacularly purple head to toe. Blame the choice on my tights, however, I felt so awesome running around in pure purple/pink. 

It's still a Sony Cybershot camera I bought like my old one, just the better version of my old one. It's done a pretty good job, don't you think. So my photo hiatus is officially off. I'm back to fashion posts. Watch out now ;D

Heart zipper necklace: Claire's
DIY'ed studded shirt: Flea market
Clutch purse: Flea market
Tights: Kohl's
Shoes: libby.edelman, Payless

Thanks for looking :)


New camera? No, I don't think so

I just bought a new camera today. I was so excited about taking my first picture in a month and then I try it out in the car. Decent photo, probably be better results at home. Try it at home like my normal outfit photos aaaaaand disappointment. Not as bright and colourful as my old camera. I try a different mode and flash: Still dull and crap. Try a photo outside: Still crap. How is this possible?! Outside light is supposed to improve the quality of the photo since it makes things happy and colourful. 

Overall, I highly don't recommend GE's E1680W digital camera (from the Power Series). I'm going back to K-Mart and buying my old Cybershot. Fo' shizz, why did I turn my back on a Sony? Darn my will to want to experiment with products. Always trust a Cybershot.

Point of this post: I'm getting a camera so this blog will be back on track.

Have a good week :)


Life update.

Okay, I haven't been seen very often. I'm telling you, I am alive, but with no photographic evidence. LUCKILY, my insurance check from the bus fire came in this morning. I can't disclose how much it is, but first things first, I'm purchasing a new camera. I have so many things to tell and show you. I have so many new things (but I'm not going to be that narcissistic), and experiences that I wish to reveal.

In a week and a half, I'm be disappearing with a reason: I'm going to Mrytle Beach for vacation! My family always does a vacation. Three times we've went to Wildwood NJ, one time we went to Atlantic City (COMPLETELY AWFUL [soexpeeeeeensive :( ], and this time Mrytle Beach. The most into South Carolina I've been was when I went to Florida in 4th grade & we stopped at the Mexican restaurant border thingy between NC & SC.

I'm going to be spending my birthday there and I'm hoping to buy a new camera once the check clears before we leave for it. I swear, when I come back, I will flood this blog with so many entries (especially overdue Nylon issues (April to July issues! FOUR ISSUES!).

The only things I've done so far is watching tv, hanging with the boo, crochetting, DIY-ing, and emptying out my closet. I'm trying to start a more mature and "easy to be chic" closet. I also did some online shopping for the first time: So. Rad. And tomorrow, I'm taking my permit test (because it's so cool to be one month from being 18 and not knowing anything about a car other than how to back it up properly and crash it into a tree the moment the gear shifts to Drive.)

So yeah, that is my life up to this point. Hope everyone else is having a good summer so far! :)


Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer Review

You have surely seen the skin care aisle and your eyes caught glimpse of the pretty case. Clean & Clear had extended their acne line and dabbled in normal beauty products. I say normal meaning those who are blessed with very few acne or acne-free who just want products that keeps down the oil or shrinks their pores. Clean & Clear came out with the Pore Perfecting Cleanser, Even Tone Cleanser, and the Finishes Moisturizer. Pictured above is one of the versions of the Finishes Moisturizer, the "mattifying" one.

Mind you, this isn't meant for acne-prone people. While it is oil-free, this will not help your acne whatsoever, this is purely to keep the oil at bay. I am acne-prone myself, but I stand by Clean & Clear (seriously, I've tried a big amount of their products haha) and dabble in products not meant for my type of skin (tans easily, VERY quick to oiliness and shine, bumps all along my jawline and various spots on my cheeks).

I purchased this at my local Rite Aid for about six, seven dollars. A little much compared to my four, five dollars spent on my normal acne-moisturizer, but price isn't a consideration right now. 

It comes in a very cute box with all the ingredients listed on the bottle. Comes with the bonus of SPF 15, so I don't have to slab on non-friendly sunscreen on my face (ones meant for the face are usually too expensive for me, but I'm trying to get used to splurging). It's not a pump moisturizer (like my acne moisturizers), so you can really make sure how much you want.

First impressions
First thing I noticed when I squeezed a bit out is that it's liquidy. I think that's good to spread about. The second thing is the scent. I'm used to chemical scents, so when I take a whiff, the scent is a bit thick. It reminds me of those deeply scented lotions and powders your grandma puts on. It doesn't bother me much since it fades quickly.

The way I apply moisturizer is the Dot method: Dot of product on my forehead, dot on my cheeks, dot on my chin, then a tiny dot on my nose. Usually that's enough product to cover my whole face (I have a tiny face). I did the same thing with this and well... it didn't turn out well. While it's liquidy in form, when you spread it around, it spreads very well, but also gets thick. If you don't spread it quick enough, it forms this white cast over your skin. Seriously, it well turn you a few shades lighter. It also absorbs really quick, so you better have fast hands to cover your needed places. A little goes a long way in this example, so be careful not to overuse.

I have larger sized pores, so the way it sits in my skin kind of turns me off, however it does reduce shine pretty well. A little gives you a few hours of no shine. If you plan on a full busy day when you can't reapply, you may want to apply more and use foundation to cover up the white cast and there will be no face glistening. 

Warning, if you're only wearing the moisturizer, try not to rub your face too much. Since it absorbs so quick and leaves the white cast, too much rubbing with rub the cast off and make your face look like it's shedding. Now that isn't attractive, right?

So, overall pros & cons?

+ SPF included
+ Easy to use bottle
+ A little goes a long way
+ Keeps the shine away for hours
+ Thick sweet/floral scent (if you don't like chemical scents)

+ Absorbs VERY quickly
+ Leaves a white cast
+ Thick sweet/floral scent (if you don't like strong scents)

Overall, I think it's a really good product. It's going to be one of my daily products since powdering stops my skin from oil for maybe only two, three hours. I'm not entirely sure how it'll react with my acne, but if there's any problems, I'll edit this review to include my skin's reaction to daily use.

Thank you for reading :)


Camera update

So, I lost my camera like, weeks ago due to an awesome bus fire and I've been posting old photos here. Well, my mother recently bought a new camera... for herself. So as a result, I get the old, crappy camera of hers. When I say old, I mean, Kodak EasyShare C340 from like five, six years ago. We all know that we consider anything from early 2000s old, but technology improves everyday so fast, this is ancient tech now compared to iPads and touch screens.

Point is, I have a camera and I will start to take photos again. Now since school is over, I can have regular outfit posts which is what I've been craving to do. You'll be able to see my actual closet and not just the same polos over and over again.

Huzzah! Well as another little update besides that, I'm gonna put a list of things I want to get accomplished this summer as another page. Keep up with what I'm doing with my life on Twitter and inspiration photos on my Tumblr.

Have a good day y'all!


Wanna win some cowboy gear?

Yeah, I know I'm rather half-heartedly posting on this blog. I'm probably going to get a camera sometime this month (hopefully). While that's occuring, prepare for some contests to be here too haha.

This contest is being sponsored by Langston's Western Wear and hosted by Wild & Precious. Just enter the contest with the needed information and you'll be able to wear your own wicked piece of western wear :)

Come on, just follow the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!



Okay, so on May 10th, my boyfriend, my friend John, and I went to Philadelphia at the Electric Factory to see Deftones. Great band, great concert. We left my house around 5. We stood in a long line outside for quite a bit. I was wearing a red plaid shirt with a black vest, white tee, dark jeggings, and sneakers. It was really fun in the beginning. 

Funeral Party opened (btw, so much better live than on album. See them in person and you can REALLY feel the power behind it. Their albums are so edited, the lead singer sounds like a sixteen year old than a twenty-something). People applauded, it was nice. Then Dillenger Escape Plan came out. Oh. God.

Here are a few facts about my concert experiences:
1.) I've never had a concert experience.
2.) This was my first concert.
3.) The closest thing I've been to a concert is Warped Tour where my worst concern was being stepped on by drunk people.

Now Deftones is a heavy band, you know? Not like UBER heavy, but will have a bit of an aggressive crowd. Dillenger Escape Plan is beyond heavy. They're mathcore. MATH. CORE. This meant fists flying & bodies smashing in a crowd (or for the little "hxc kidzzz", windmill kicks across the face) with music playing so loud, it's hard to understand that it's music. I've never experienced the pit. I lost my boyfriend and kept getting pushed. I was being shoved and I was on the outskirts. Then some dude got lifted up to crowd surf & his foot kicked MY GLASSES OFF! >< People around me are sumo wrestling next to me and I have to search the ground looking for my black glasses. Luckily, they were caught onto my foot. As soon as I got them, I ran to the back with my friend John while my boyfriend stayed in the pit.

After that was over, there was about ten, fifteen minutes of waiting for the preparation for Deftones. All of a sudden, a huge crowd of frat boys (polos with popped collars, backwards baseball caps, cargo pants, and Nikes, muscled and yelling "YO -insert generic white boy name-!" across the venue) and pairs of lesbians/bi-sexuals females (it was always a pair with one blonde, one brunette. The brunette has a backcombed rat nest with a t-shirt that's too tight and dark skinny jeans. The blonde has way too much makeup, hair cemented in place with her tits hanging out her tank top). They cut in front of us and we were getting pushed back and then pushed forward by the people in back of us. They hadn't even come out yet XP

THEN they come out. The crowd shoves us forward with a big intensity. The pit opens again and pushes the people by it even more back. We were being squeezed in ten different directions. I was like begging my boyfriend to head back. Luckily, a big large man was pushing through us. Obviously EVERYONE had to move for this man, so we followed the large path behind him. We were now standing in the back, where guys were bobbing their heads, but not violently and they stayed in one place. The venue is really great too because they play the video of the band on the walls so even though we were far, on the screens, it was close up. I really recommend Electric Factory if you don't dig being up close by the stage where hell occurs. I really loved their performance of Cherry Waves.

The last song they did, the lead singer from DEP performed with Deftones. It was pretty good. OMG and Deftones did a cover of "Firework", it was hilariously rad.

This is me afterward. It was 2 in the morning. I was sooo dead.

I had my hair braided into a pseudo-hairband to keep my bangs out my face, but they rolled in as soon as I got the first pit shove XD

My boyfriend bought me the tee at their merch stand.

And this was my 1:30am gas station recharge: NutriGrain for the fiber & Canada Dry for the perk up. Needless to say, I died the moment my body hit the sheets.

Overall, it was pretty fun :)


I wore this to school a month ago. I had braided my hair around my head and it felt weird not having long flowing hair to play with haha. I also wanted to wear my miniskirt, but I needed something underneath. I couldn't find my flowy skirt, so I pulled an Ivania & used a t-shirt as a skirt. It was my gym shirt and since I don't have gym class anymore, it worked well. 


I wore this a month ago. I know I said I wouldn't be putting up new uniform pictures, but it is true. This is old. Anyway, I wore this a month ago. I loved this outfit. I was classy and tomboy-ish. There's something cool about wearing a ponytail, blazer, capris, and tights. It's so boy-ish (minus the tights). This day was when I went to my Deftones concert. It was greaaaat, but more on that later.

More pics under the cut:


If you didn't read my last post...

Since I lost my camera in the bus fire (details in the last post), I'm on an indefinite outfit hiatus. Any pictures that are used that are me are provided by my parent's camera or taken by my friends with theirs.

The main focus of this blog will still stay on uniforms most likely, along with any beauty product reviews of things I use, fashion inspiration posts, and anything I currently love fashion, hair, or beauty related. 

It's upsetting that my blog JUST started getting a bit popular and I lose my ability to take photos, however, if the few readers who keep up on this keep on reading, it'd be really appreciated :) I will try with all my might to keep the blog entertaining.

Thanks for those who read this and will remain loyal :) Have a good Monday.


Back from Gettysburg???

Okay, so I WAS supposed to be at Gettysburg setting up tents and walking around learning about the Battle of Gettysburg. HOWEVER, our bus pretty much decided to set fire and I lost EVERYTHING I brought with me. Everyone on the bus made it off without any problems, however, we cannot say the same about the things on the bus. So many people were crying because they brought expensive things (ipods, cameras, phones, etc.) and special mementos (things from boyfriend/girlfriends, parents, g'rents, etc.) and such. This is what I pretty much put on my facebook:


"We were on the bus to Gettysburg to camp at a battlefield area. For some reason, the bus was slowing down & acting up. -History teacher- thought the emergency exits were open by the handles. They weren't. Then we smell smoke. -History teacher- demands the driver to pull over. The smoke smell gets thicker & we see it. -History teacher- turns to us & says "Get off the bus now." We go like crazy out the emergency exit. The smoke from the front is super thick, gray, & reeks. We get pushed further down the highway & see the fire start in the front of the bus. All of a sudden, we realize there's a thing of propane in the back, so Holub runs to a firefighter to tell him about it. We're told to cross the highway & take safety in front of a motel place. We got to watch everything be burnt & there's no front of the bus now.

Everything that was on the bus was burnt to pure ashes. I lost a couple of things, the most important to me being my camera, ipod, headphones, and house keys. People lost phones, ipods, special mementos, money, expensive jewelry, and other items.

The medic came by to check us out and took our information so they can contact insurance people about everything we lost since luckily the bus was insured. A pizzeria owner whose pizzeria was only a few feet away from the highway walked over to us and offered us a free lunch of pizza since we lost our lunches and money. The local police called up the closest elementary school and picked us up. They drove us to the pizzeria where we ate pizza and drank soda and most of us started to make lists of the items we lost. We even got to see our gray, ashy bus being towed by the underbelly down the road.

-History teacher- called the administration and asked if it'd be okay if we did stay in Gettysburg for a few hours and go home tonight so we got our moneys worth paid for the trip. Most people were fine with the idea, a few wanted to go home. The principal approved of us stay, but -Head administration- said we have to go home. The bus took us home and we'll all safe and good minus our missing possessions.

Those on the Gettysburg trip are having a "mental day off" tomorrow. The worst part of this was that the bus that burnt was my normal, everyday bus to school, so currently, there is no Tigger bus anymore.

Thanks to everyone who was concerned."

(btw about the "Tigger" bus, our school names our buses cartoon characters instead of going by numbers. Odd, but it works well for the little AND older kids.)

In the complete opposite of my seriousness about the situation were my friends:

Others were sad and upset:
(My friend Emily is very... optimistic haha)


There were also others who were upset and we freaking out at the scene of the fire. It was really sad to watch :(
This person was thanking someone else who kept them company and tried to calm them down after they lost some pretty important stuff. It was really nice to see others keeping their friends stable.

Don't think it could have been bad? Check out this pic:
See that firey bus with black smoke pouring out of it? Brilliant isn't it? That's all of our personal possessions getting barbequed by a gas fire.Luckily everyone made it out without any harm.

However, the downside of the incident is that I have no camera. I didn't even have a chance to update upload my third uniform outfit yet. I also had really pretty pictures of my prom hair and makeup I was going to show you :( This also means there will be no Nylon "scans." 

In otherwords, as of right now, I'm on a uniform hiatus. There will be no fashion photos from myself, which saddens me. I can't even show you pictures of the new things I get when/if I get the insurance money from everything. Depression.

I will try to update as much as I can and TRY to make it entertaining. Hope you all have a good Sunday.

Here's my bus afterward on the right:


i disappeared.

Okay, so I will admit, I've been gone for QUITE some time. It wasn't intentional, I just have had so many things going on. Homework, senior project (a project that benefits the community or a charity or educates others. It's needed to pass as a senior), and other random events in my life occurring such as going over friends to do MORE homework or this past Tuesday, I went to a Deftones concert (things on that occurring). And I'd update now (I do have things I can update with), however, I don't have the time. In fact, tomorrow and Monday, I'm camping out at Gettysburg with my Civil War class and my school's history club near the Gettysburg battlefield and it's going to rain >>

Okay, so these are the updates that SHOULD be coming soon:

-Three uniform posts.
-2am pictures after the Deftones concert (It was at the Electric Factory in Philly. More on that when it's posted).
- Nylon's April & May scans (technically, photos not scans, but same diff.)

I knoooooow that I've been saying that I'd put them up, but goddammit, I get too busy and there's like over 100 pages in each magazines, pardon me that I have to resize like 80 pictures XD

So wish me luck for tomorrow that I won't be drenched head to toe in rainwater :3
Thanks for still checking me out! Have a good Sunday :D



I wore this to school today. It was actually pretty warm today, however, I always get chilly for some reason. I decided to use my new sweater which makes me feel soooo luxe man. I feel like I should be wrapped in bear fur by a big fireplace sipping hot chocolate from a glass mug or something. It left a lot of fuzz on my shirt underneath though :3 I also need to wear these gray socks more often. I love them, but I hardly get a chance. I will use them well this last month XD

More pics under the cut:


I wore this to school yesterday. I was pretty illegal today. Two rules broken:
1.) All button-ups must be tucked in.
2.) All undershirts must be solid blue, white, or red.

Okay two and a half:
2 1/2.) Skirts must reach the kneecap.

It's a half because I have two skirts. One that's above and one that hits the knees. Whatever. I felt a little extra stylish because I haven't really rocked elaborate uniforms in awhile. So prepare yourself viewers for the last month of super-style (or somewhat, I might get lazy because I'M GRADUATING JUNE 10TH! :3)

Anyway, pictures under the cut:


Wow, I picked a bad quality main photo. Well, whatever, it showed the whole essence of the outfit in one pic. I wore this the week before last week, but had forgotten to take photos of it. So I rewore it. Score 1 for uniform code: I can rewear awesome outfits. Anywhoodle, I gave my gold chain it's first debut in school. Honestly, the first time, not too many people reacted towards me. Second time, I just got odd looks. The teachers liked it.

More pics (of better quality) under the cut:


I wore this Monday of my Easter break. It was my last day before school i.e. this is two weeks late. Splendid. I didn't do anything really other than last minute homework and watch my new vacation-neighbors move it. That's about it. The rest of this post will be pictures. Lots of updates streaming in quick.

More under the cut:


ANOTHER Giveaway?

Oh yes indeedy. Obviously, I'm digging giveaways, especially since I've been slacking off on the blog here due to schoolwork. At least providing the few readers (very few) with some contests with free stuff would be rad :)

Okay, so the people at "Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways" blog (what a mouthful huh?) are hosting ANOTHER giveaway. Not only this Juicy Couture one, but now this jewelry giveaway. All you need to do is follow them on on Google Friend Connect and leave your email. Extra entries are listed. 

Go on people :) I promise you, I owe you guys a lot of updates including Nylon's April scans, one outfit post, one uniform post, and now ANOTHER Nylon Scan for May. TWO Nylon scans. Oh boy, my flickr page is gonna be blowing up.

Stop standing there reading this text. Enter!



Yes I got BlogLovin. So many bloggers have one. I guess it was about time haha :)
Follow it heeeeeeere: here


I wore this yesterday for Easter. My dad decided to take me and the family out to this awesome mall an hour away, but it ended up being closed. So then we went to another mall, and it was too closed. So we just hung out at the plaza across the street from the mall. We ate at Longhorn's and then went to Barnes & Noble's. I bought two magazines and we went home. After that, I painted some more and then went to our neighbors for cheesecake and coffee. That's it haha. So the rest of this post is photos. Please enjoy ;D
Don't mind the srsbidness face here. By the way, like my bunny purse? I bought it at a yard sale last summer and never had a chance to use it. Thank goodness for Easter huh? :) I use the mini bunny one as a coin purse all the time.

More pics under the cut :) :

MORE Salvation Army???

Of course. Salvation Army is like, my everything dude. I got four things this time.

Like this awesome Eddie Bauer scoop neck sweater for 3.99. Bonus, I can wear this in school for the last month haha.
More things under the cut :) :


I wore this when I got a haircut on Thursday. Obviously, my hair is amazing now, but yeah. I liked the outfit. It was both comfortable and chic, mhms.
More pics under the cut:

Guess who got a haircut?

I did. It involved a lot of arguing with my mother and a couple of tears before it actually happened but yeah, hair cut.
Got sideswept bangs, redid my layers, and I lost about two inches of my hair. It's okay though, I was due for a cut. They obviously straightened my bangs, but I convinced the lady taking care of my hair to keep it curly. She wanted to straighten it and I was like "Oh HELLLLL NAW." Okay, not really, but I told her I want to keep it as is. Twas pretty. 

Outfit post coming up next :)


Free dress? Sounds Juicy...

...Couture. What? Yeah, that's right. On "Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways," they're hosting a little giveaway. They paired up with Juicy Couture to giveaway an amazingly adorable slouchy sweaterdress, that I myself want to sweep into my arms :3

All you have to do is follow the blog, leave your name, email, and post on your blog about it, leave a link, and/or write on facebook about the kickass giveaway ;D

What are you doing here?! Go enter.

 Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

Gone for a few days?

Yeah, it's true. I had one really cute outfit, but I haven't taken a picture of it, so I'll just wear it Tuesday to school. Oh yeah, I have school off today, tomorrow, and Monday. However, I have a lot of things to do plus I've been on this organizing spree. Seriously, my room is getting so neat, it's insane. I'm growing a smidge minimalist lately, yet I still own a ton of things I don't use. I will admit, I'm quite greedy and don't want to give ALL my stuff away or chuck it. It'll break.

So I have to paint about two paintings (one a large glass painting painting haha & one an ocean landscape), storyboard my senior project (in order to graduate from my school, you need to do some charitable event to raise money for an organization, present the project, and write a six to eight page paper relating to the subject of the project. LAME!), and I have a "Career Exploration" essay due on April 29th (same day as the step team's event :D ). Overall, I'm a busy little mofo, yo.

Pardon me if there are lack of posts, but I leave you with a fond memory of mine from back when I was younger:
This is my brother and I back in the day in front of our old house. He was a ninja for Halloween and I was that Queen chicky from Star Wars. Till this day, I still cannot spell or pronounce her name properly. 

Just keep an eye out for me every so often :)



I wore this Thursday to school. Super inspired by Zana Bayne of wanting to wear harnesses, yet lacking the money to purchase (one day I'll be a loyal customer :) ), I used Syl & Sam's diy halter using two skinny belts. Possibly the best diy thought ever. My friend Tyler kept saying that I look like I'm into BDSM and such. I just like the look haha :)

Bonus: Because I had to tighten it (the belts are a medium, smalls work better), everytime I breathed, I had to straighten up because the back would pull my shoulders back. 

More pictures below the cut: