I wore this yesterday to school, where EVERYONE was freaking out about "omg, we're gonna get 3 inches, we're gonna get a snow day." And me being like "Yeah right." Well, since I'm typing all this at 1:53am, you can assume they were right.

Oh lord, you do not know how bad I botched my leg when I was editing. Half of this pic looks pretty legit and the other half is like "Is this your first time editing?" Haha. XD

Anywhoodles, click below to read more and see more:

I was kinda inspired by Tavi Gavinson with her use of Girl Scout patches here & the pastel sweaters here.

I wore this Girl Scout patch (from when I was a girl scout) to cover up the ugly logo. My school doesn't allow large logos, so I hid it with this cute badge. No one surprisingly didn't notice other than my friends.

I also wore this big bow in my hair. The ribbon is from my cheerleading days, so I just wrapped it around my head and tied it. I WAS going to wear the necklace that you've seen OVER and OVER and OVER again, but with the patch and the pop of colour, simplicity was best. So I grabbed my little pendant that I wear time to time and thew it on.

And I wore this button on the right leg of my capris. Why? Well because it's a really sweet one and went with the colour scheme. 

I bought this from a yard sale along with like 5942854 more. It's from the 60s, 70s, & it makes me think that someone from the School of Rock was like "You know what, singing about verbs & figure 8s is boring, I need to do something exciting with my life." He dropped out before he learned linking verbs, obviously.

Hi, I'm awkward.

Bow: cheerleading
Sweater: my dad's
Necklace: from my mom
Girl Scout patch: girl scouts
Bracelet: Claire's
Polo: my dad's
Capri: Salvation Army
Button: yard sale
Shoes: Route 66, K-Mart

Thanks for reading :)

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