Chictopia: Chic Swap

I have pieces in my wardrobe that I don't really dig that much, so I'm putting them a few on chictopia's "Chic Swap."

What you do on the site is buy "Chic Tokens" that act like your actual money. You purchase the item with those tokens & you know, receive it in the mail. So with $10 real bucks (which has to be done through PayPal), you can buy 100 Chic tokens. The items available can range from 50 to 300 tokens. I'm keeping mine relatively cheap, sticking below 80 tokens. After all, everything I buy comes from flea markets, bargain sales from retail places (Deb, Rave), & open warehouses.

I have two things available right now:

This blue, polka dotted hoodie shirt. With a kangaroo pouch and cropped sleeves. You can "buy" here: CLICK HERE

This white tunic-styled shirt. With a black and red print & an empire waist tie, stretchy cap sleeves, and a square neckline. You can "buy" it here: CLICK HERE

I'll be putting more things on here as the time comes because I have to wait until I sell SOMETHING haha. So if you're interested, it's on the site under the "Chic Swap" option. If they are taken done after 13 days (because nobody bought it) & you're still interested in buying it, just comment me & leave your email & I'll contact you. Don't worry about privacy issues about your email, I have my comments under "moderation," so I'll be the only one who sees it.

Thank you.
p.s. I'm going to Salvation Army today. Expect pictures today or tomorrow :)

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