Eh, Eh (i got a lot to say).

I absolutely love Lady Gaga. While this single is old, I absolutely love the fashion. The bright, bold prints mixed with laid back summer style (hot pants and exposed midriffs anyone?) but with the sweetest of spring florals. Love, love, love. Especially the swirled, big typical, I'm gonna assume Italian or Sicilian stayed hair.

(Not to mention a good song, eh? [get it, I made a pun after the song... heh...] )

So I made a Polyvore out of it:

Eh, Eh.
Eh, Eh. by Evangelinia featuring sparkly jewelry

 I took the video and incorporated my own style into it. I have the cropped top, except not a very colourful one, but a neutral with a pop of colour in the unique print & a neutral brown high paper waist short, after all, who need's an enourmous lime green floral print on their butt when textures can be just as eye-catching? A lavender cardie (a girl gets cold with their extremities are exposed) with matching purple, suede heels. Peep toe, of course; easiest way to look flirty. A nice bold, colourful necklace since most of this outfit is made of neutrals & the final touch, a red-brown brick purse stocked with lipglosses and fake hairbows. Ah-dorable. (Sorry, I've been reading "The Clique" the last two weeks, pardon the Massie-isms.)

Personally, I'd rock this outfit, but I'll keep the idea for the summer. Pennsylvania winters aren't very friendly to half-naked horn girls. :)

Thanks for reading.

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