I wore this when I did break my glasses. We had to leave to go to the closest Walmart to see if I could get SOMETHING to wear.

I though my outfit was really cute, kinda 40s. I was warm and comfy and chic ;D Even though the majority of the time, I sat in the auto repair place because both my brother and my grandpa's cars had to get new tires and my bro had to have his breaks fixed.

Turns out Walmart can't do anything with my glasses, thus my ghetto-fied ones (check last post). However, I was probably in need of new ones haha XD

Cardigan: GAP
T-shirt: Hanes, Walmart
Belt: Deb
Necklace: Claire's
Bracelet: gift
Jeans: gift
Shoes: Sugarfoot, The Shoe Dept.

Hype the outfit on Lookbook: glasses.

Thanks for reading :)

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