Has it really been more than a week?

 (that's me btw haha)

Answer: Yes.

I've been so dead. I have pictures on my computer to put up, I have other things I wanted to type. But here's my thing:

I'm so stacked with schoolwork right now. Plus I've been at step team practices and performing at games (well he had one performance. My dad recorded it on his new Android cell.) We got applauded so loud. I loved it. We probably were cheered for more than any of the cheerleaders' performances combined. (Not a diss as cheerleaders, but my school's is honestly pretty lame. Can't wait till college cheerleading.)

Anyway, other than that, it's been reading (Immortal series, Pretty Little Liars series [shut up, i know it's a show, but books are better anyway <btw it's Allison's twin sister. oops spoiler>], Wicked Lovely series, and The Clique [I know it's totally 6th grade, but it's a real good series even if it's a bit superficial. I love Massie Block. Love the comebacks haha] )& schoolwork & chore labor. Sucks. XP

However, I seem to be pretty busy right now. I'll try to update when I can for the week, but no gurantees. I apologize to the... three followers XD and any on-lookers haha.

Thanks for reading.

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