"Kiss My Face" Peaches & Creme Moisturizer Review

I bought this moisturizer from my (somewhat) local Walmart. I've been looking for a regular moisturizer that contained Alpha-Hydroxy acid (AHA), antioxidants, tea tree oil, etc. Natural stuff, you know. 

Read more about my somewhat-review on this product below:

My experiences with moisturizers
 I had this really good moisturizer from the company Lather called "Yuzu Begramot moisturizer." It was like, the best moisturizer I ever used. I never used moisturizer before it, but that doesn't mean I'm inexperienced. Anyone can tell what feels right and what feels wrong on their face.

Back to the story; it was the best moisturizer until I started running out. And my hormones spiked. My acne insued and while it calmed down any redness, I still was covered it bumps. To conceal the bumps, I dumped some foundation into it. There went my moisturizer. Now it's tinted, but not to my advantage. I found out it was too yellow for me. Sad face.

Then that moisturizer was replaced by Clean & Clear's Dual Action moisturizer (softens skin & fights acne with salicylic acid). While it's a good moisturizer, it's a little thin. So while it moisturizes, it only feels like it sits for two minutes and then disappears into nothing. At first when I used it, it cleared my acne, however, I'm now impervious to salicylic acid from overuse in acne products. I still apply it in the morning however and hope for the best.

I decided it was for the better to start treating my skin with less harsh chemicals and try to be a little more natural. My skin deserves a break every so often, so what better with a natural lotion? So here I am in Walmart, by passing anti-aging creams, cold creams, acne creams, brightening creams, and go straight to the "green" section. There's Burt's, Alba's, & Noah's and other smaller brands. Burt's is always too expensive for me. I'm not paying two bucks for chapstick. Alba's is okay, but it's also pricey. Noah's is lesser known (for me anyway), and I haven't looked up any reviews for their stuff to know how good it is. 

I'm scrolling through the shelves; body creams, body lotions, cleansers, shampoo, conditioners, but they seem to lack moisturizer. Then my eyes hit the product above: Kiss My Face's Peaches & Creme Moisturizer. Double bonus, contains 4% AHA! Exactly what I'm looking for. And it's under five dollars.

First experience with it: I wash my face with my Garnier Fructis daily gel exfoliator, dab my face with a towel, and apply maybe like a nickel sized amount on my face. As I rub it in, it seems to not be sinking it. I rub in a circle, it forms a white circle. That's when I discovered; oh hai, there's too much. I take some water & I wash a bit off. Now to sleep. 
Morning: I wake up & softnesssssssss. And a little improvement in my acne. Score.

Second experience: I wash my face with some acne foam cleanser & apply this afterward. I dried my face a LITTLE too much,so when I applied less, it got sticky and dry quicker. I struggled to even move it across my cheek. I took some water, slapped it on, and then it was sliding all over the place. Turns out I found out the magic trick.

Third experience: I washed my face, dabbed, left some water behind, and then applied a small amount, about a dime (dispersed to a quick dab to my forehead, on each check, & on my chin). Then as I rubbed it in, it made sense. This is a moisturizer that's supposed to set in with water. A-duh! It's thick even in a small dab, but with water, it breaks it down thinner so it's movable. 
Morning: I woke up with all over softness and less acne. Magic.

And I admit, it's not like, a miracle tool, but I did wake up with only one or two tiny pimples compared to my 4 monstrosities.

-Really moisturizes. 
-Helps decrease bacteria that causes acne (AHA is the key ingredient). 
-A really nice scent that fades after a few minutes.
-Only a little will spread all over your face (with the help of a damp face of course), which is also good because at 4 ounces, it'll last a long time

-It's thick, so you will have to have a damp face no matter what to manuever it AND let it sit into your skin for a while. It's really more of a night time moisturizer unless you have time in the morning
-If you don't like strong or fruity scents, avoid this one.
-The price if you're a penny pincher (I bought it for 4.50)
-Since AHA makes your skin sensitive, you NEED sunblock after you apply this.

 Overall, I really do approve of this moisturizer. I can't wait to try more of Kiss My Face products. :)

And that is my first little, somewhat, review haha. Thanks for reading.

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