My mom asked me to walk the dog today. Seeing as it isn't windy or severely cold (just chilly), today I can actually take photos and be fashionable over functional.

Click below to read more and see A LOT more (i.e. I took close up photos of a lot of details, so more text and extra, I RAMBLE BAAAW1!!):

First off, I use my leopard scarf a lot, right? So today I decided to switch it up and use my pink zebra scarf. It needs to see a bit more action in my fashion world. Because of the pink, I decide to just go around it. On slips my purple skinnies (good for keeping in my warmth, bad to take off when you have thigh high socks underneath). And a plain gray tee that gets dressed up with random black necklaces. A graphic jacket (wihch i loves) and black, white and pink gloves.

My hair is kind of a catastrophe today (uber bedhead), so I grabbed a ton of my hair, lopped it onto the other side of my head and clipped the bangs. I've never mastered the "perfect sloppy hair do" others do (note: Kayla Hadlington & Bethany Olson from ), so there's my fail attempt haha.

The no-wind helped me out today. I hate having to wear a hat (sometimes), plus I have no hat that matches this outfit, so yeah.

This is one of those jackets that zip ALL the way to your head, thus suffocating you if you REALLY want to die that way. I really don't get the point of them. Like the ones that zip all the way that AT LEAST have the mesh eye holes make it slightly better. It's like a ski mask that blinds you. Oh well, at least mine is cute.

Well, I just needed a better view of the jacket haha. See my bad my attempt at "perfectly messy hair" ? It's not even a hairstyle XD Anyway...

The gloves are just typical, generic gloves you can buy at any dollar store or Walmart & I gave y'all a better close up on the jacket's print. It's pretty cute in my opinion. Just nevermind the little lonely hair in the middle.

Close up on my little hair clip (adorablesness) and my awesomely rad shoes. I love the snakeskin print.

I'm so old, I have wrinkles at seventeen. Whatever, and close up on necklaces. I have four on. One has hearts, one looks like a rope, one is just a chain, and the other is one I made from black skirt scraps that I tied together with pieces of fleece. I love layering stuff... I need more necklaces XD

Then all the pink I was wearing made me want to have Pez...
...with my awesomely rad Hello Kitty pez dispenser ;D Be jealous.

Coat: Fashion Bug
Jacket: R.B. (Raw Blue), from my grandma
Shirt: Hane's, Walmart
Heart chain necklace: Claire's
Rope necklace: from my brother
Chain necklace: Target (It WAS a necklace with a charm before, but I broke the necklace :( )
String necklace: DIY
Clip: 6 pack of clips, Dollar Store
Gloves: Walmart
Jeans: Rave
Socks: a local store
Shoes: Libby.edelman, Payless

I think that was the most credits I ever put on one outfit haha.
Well, thanks for reading :)


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I love this pink scarf, so wild! And those red flats!! Im smitten over those...and hello kitty has always been my favorite :)

  2. I love how random this outfit is but how its all comes together at the same time.