Salvation Army turned to Walmart

Soooo I said that I was going to Salvation Army; turns out it's closed on Sundays. So me, my brother, and my boyfriend went to the nearby Walmart. We looked through things, me mainly at beauty products because I'm such a ho when it comes to my looks, I just stock up on EVERYTHING. Eventually we got onto the magazines & discovered there was an upside magazine.

It looks normal in the front...

And it's friggin upside down inside! It's insane dude. We also took a video of it, but I haven't uploaded it yet. It's just crazy.

And I bought...
Two boxes of Pocky. The strawberry one, I INHALED the moment we left the store. And I ate the regular Pocky today after Step Team practice was over. (Did I mention I'm part of my school's step team?)

And then the holy grail...
Night Star from the "The Immortals" series. My friend Jessica and I tend to read the same books. Pardon, I read HER books. Now since I always jack her books from her to read, I feel bad having her purchase ALL of the series of everything we read basically (even though she wants it for herself anyway), so I decided to help her out and buy the latest one. She only had money to buy "Dark Flame" & the slight spin off "Radiance," so she had to leave Night Star behind. Luckily, i dumped half the things I WAS going to buy to get her this. It's her late Hannukah/early birthday present.

I can't wait to read it.

And this is what else I bought that isn't photographed:
+ Kiss My Face "Peaches & Creme Ultra Moisturizer" (It has 4% alpha hydroxy in it. It's fruit extract that helps exfoliate skin cells, unblocks & cleanses pores.)
+ "Blender" Skittles (which are amazing)
& some gum... yeah haha

Outfit post coming very soon. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love pocky! also i really like your blog and some of the stuff you posted makes me go LOL!