I wore this to go to Salvation Army with my brother and Michael. Turns out Salvation Army isn't open on Sundays, so we went to Walmart.

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(Don't mind my seemingly 9 year old legs)
So I get all dressed up cool (you have to impress the Salvation Army workers haha) & bump my hair (my bangs were being retarded) & then it's closed. What teh fuuuuuudge? We drive down the road to the local Walmart. It's a bit crowded but not enough for me to really care.

We walked around, looked at clothes, purses (was gonna get a cute zebra purse, but dumped it for a book; see last post), and etc. I spent more time looking for skin things that had Alpha Hydroxy or antioxidants and etc. then hanging with my boyfriend haha. I'm a meanie like that.
Also, aren't my sunglasses awesome? haha it was so bright before, my brother had to use it them to drive because the combination of straight on sun & snow was like BLINDNESS!

If you can't see it, my necklace says "I Am The Banana King" and has one of the unicorns on it. Quite adorable. And the green beaded one is from some store in Niagara Falls. It was on sale for 1.99 and I bought two; one in blue & one in green. The green gets used more.

And my cutey small purse from 8th grade. I was gonna use my really cute black faux leather one with the studs, but it was closest, plus it hasn't been used in ages, you know? haha. The green button is an Atari game machine, the black one says "Gamer for Life", & the yellow one has Ronald McDonald on it & says "Eat shit." Quite amazing.

Hi, I'm ferocious.

Sunglasses: flea market
Green bead necklace: a store in Niagara Falls
Banana King necklace: Hot Topic
T-shirt: Hot Topic
Belt" from a friend
Pants: Forever 21, Forever 21
Sneakers: Joe Boxer, K-Mart
Purse: flea market
Buttons: yard sale

Thanks for looking-slash-reading :)

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