I went to some indoor flea market and got two cool things;

Including this ridiculously, gaudy but nifty necklace hehe. Click below to see more pictures of the things I bought today:

That's a close up on my brand new gaudy necklace. Honestly, I saw that necklace hanging from a rack and I was like "OMG I NEED IT!" The hearts are so cute, and the chain is so ugly, it's cute (if that's possible). Guess how much it was?


And I got...
...this curling iron. Guess how much???

2 MUTHATRUCKIN BUCKS! Can you believe it?!?!?! I couldn't either. This one lady had straighteners, curlers, old fashion wave irons, hairdryers, in this bucket for 5 dollars or less. I thought I was seeing things. So I grabbed the second smallest barrel curler and bought it. I didn't want the smallest one because I have a lot of hair, but small enough that I can fix certain pieces of my curly hair without making it look ridiculously fake. Like Taylor Swift's hair. Her hair is naturally curly but you can tell that THOSE curls she sports are professionally done. >>

When I saw the old wave iron (click here to know what I'm talking about), I wasn't shure what it was. So I picked it up and asked my mom, "What is this?" And the first word to leave her mouth was "No." Apparently, back in the day, these were used to make waves in your hair, but they were notorious for burning your hair and burning your skin (also for wearing out quick). I wasn't interested in it anyway, I was just curious haha.

So in the matter of buying two amazing items, I spent 4 bucks.
God, I love flea markets.

Then as we're leaving, we go past this video game booth. I see they're selling Pocky and I was like "SCORE!" So I grab a box and bring it over to the couple selling games.

Me: "Hey, how much for the box?"
Man: *looks at it for two seconds* "Just take it."
Me: O_O "Really?"
Man: "Yeah."
Me: :D "THANK YOU!!!!!" *runs away in glee*

Needless to say, the first packet was devoured 2 seconds flat.

Here's me with my awesome (open) box.

Here's me devouring it whole 

So yes, that concludes my day.... well minus stopping by K-mart to get a bra. Was in dire need of one. haha.
Thanks for looking :)

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