I got two pretty rad gifts from my friend when she came up from New York. Including the dress below.

Click below for the other gift & more pictures:

The dress also has pockets, which I think is the raddest thing ever. You don't have a clue HOW MUCH I always want to put my hands somewhere when I'm wearing a dress.

And the dress was bought from Forever21. The dress is a medium, but here's the thing; I'm kind of in between a Small and a Medium. Sometimes Mediums fit perfectly, sometimes Smalls fit right. Then there's smalls that are way too tight & then there's Mediums that are too large. This dress is just a bit too large. Medium sizes assume that you have boobies. I don't. So while it fits bodywise, chest wise, it's like "I'm make you feel self concious about your cup size BAAAW!"

I'll probably end up just safety pinning it so it'll somewhat fit haha.

And I also got this wicked travel sized straightener...
 ...with a nifty travel case ;D I love the bag, so cute. And not only is it a straightener, it's also a...

...It's a CURLER! I have curly hair, but sometimes it needs refining. This is spectacular haha. My hair gets tugged a bit due to the little space between the two separate plates, but it does a REALLY good job at curling. It works better with larger pieces of least for me. When I use it for little pieces, it comes out frizzy. I don't know. I have to admit, I've never used a legit curling iron, so managing a straightener slash curler may be a bit of a task for me. 

At least the bag is cute. Look at that freaking zipper charm! 

Thanks for reading (and putting up with my little showoff self ;D )

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