I wore this to school on Wednesday. I was totally head to toe black & red. It was spectacular :)

Like the blend? XD This a few tries to get it right. Anyway, this is what I wore... well minus the jacket although it would have been amazing to wear it. My school doesn't let you wear black tops, while A LOT of people still do. I promised myself I wouldn't get in trouble with the dress code again, so I try to avoid it.

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While I wanted to wear the jacket, its also too small for me (XS) and I bought it because 1) it was on sale & 2) I kinda use it as a decorative back cape XD But it goes well with the tight prints.

The tights are two different pairs, layered to give it some styleness ^^ And I would say it worked haha. The skirt was one I got around freshman year, but I haven't worn it since. Now that I refound it, it shall be a staple piece in my uniform wardrobe (I cannot wait to sell/give away the pieces once I graduate).

The print of the jacket is love, love, love, love, love! This is the type of work I want to do when I start fashion designing. Learning how to knit and crochet wonderful patterns like this :3

 And I shall be a fashion design Charlie's Angel; taking out the competition with my loose knit sweaters and distressed dresses and ruffled skirts with studs!...but it'll be awhile until I do that haha

Jacket: Rave
Necklace: Claire's
Shirt: Soho Babe, Love Life (wow that is a WEIRD brand name)
Belt: gift
Skirt: Can't Miss
Black tights: Claire's
Red tights: Claire's
Shoes: Route 66, K-Mart

Thanks for reading :)

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