I wore this to school today. Not much really happened, just shoved my uncle's new poetry book in all my friends face and stuff. Sooooo here's my outfit:

Click for more pictures.

Jean vest construction!

As I left yesterday as a post, I've spent the last two days sewing myself a jean vest which I believe looks very good :) HOWEVER, the design wasn't intentional at first. I cut my pieces too small and I just decided to go with it. So, here's the pictures of the construction:

Project is also based off this tutorial: CLICK HERE
Mine isn't very detailed, this chick's IS. So if you don't understand what I'm doing here, refer to that tutorial.

That's a picture of the 90% finished product. All you need to make this is:

+ Large pair of jeans (I used a size bigger than my size, but like stated, the vest was constructed to fix my too small pieces)
+ Durable thread
+ Strong needle
+ Pins
+ Measuring tape (to measure your body) / ruler (for the pieces)

OPTIONAL (but suggested, I had to handsew this whole thing)
+ Sewing machine

Click for more photos:


Soon to come...

So, the last two days, I've been working on a jean vest because I've been dying for a jean vest, but I usually hate the way they look on me. Since my future plan as a career is being a fashion designer, I decided to take this as one of my first little projects. It's double hard just because I'm kinda fearful of sewing machines, so I hand sew everything I make.

Want a little preview before a big update tomorrow?

There you go. There's going to be a big amount of pictures about the construction being uploaded to the blog because it was one of the few projects I actually REALLY involved myself in. So yeah, hope you look tomorrow. :)


vitamin d.

I wore this to school today. I REALLY did not want to wear a polo or sweater or anything, so I decided to chance myself and wear an adjustable scoop neck tank top. I hid the rest of my chest with my red scarf, key item for today or else I totally would have been in the office.
More of story and pictures under the cut:


makes me happy.

One, I really love the shirt. It makes me think of Girl Scout camp with the ridiculous oversized happy graphic on the front and a cheesy line.
Two, my brother from another mother Josh gave me the milk chocolate his girlfriend gave him for V-day. It was delicious and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Huzzah.


Today for school, I decided I wanted to wear a dress. There's this really pretty dress I have that is knee length...or at least I thought it was until I tried it on. It's above my knee now. I thought it was above my knee before, but apparently it isn't. It was really disappointing. So instead, I tried on the dress I wore to my cousin's wedding.

More on the story and more pictures, just click below:



Holy shiz, you thought I wasn't going to update this blog with an outfit??? SURPRISE! I am!

Look how business-y I am (minus my five year old looking shoes). I felt like my friend Jeff. Everyday to school, he wears a tuxedo, matching pant and blazer. He looks like House actually (used to walk with a cane too due to leg muscle deteroriation or something of that sort). Talks like him too; very monotone, sarcastic, and very witty. He does the weather report and "Words of Wisdom" section on our tv morning announcements. The best thing he does is insult people in the school by using quotes that make people think. Since not a lot of people think, every one generally goes either "HUH?" or "Omg, he's so stupid ajfkda;lfsiehfjsfhjdsf." He looks uberly spiffy with his ties and such. Great style. So I jacked it yesterday :3

Wow, I basically gave away a story before we even got to the cut. Oh well. More pics and slight storyness under the cut.

Nylon Feb. issue

Okay, now to go over my favorite parts of Nylon's February issue. Luckily this one didn't die in the mail like December/January's.
Our cover girl this month is Blair Waldorf herself, Leighton Meester. Honestly, I've never watched an episode of Gossip Girl or ANY movie or show this actress was in. I have no idea about her acting skill. My only knowledge of her besides Gossip Girl is that one Cobra Starship song.

Click more to see my favorite parts of this issue:


Flea market score.

I went to the flea market yesterday and got a bunch of stuff for myself. Okay, like four things haha.

1.) This amazing huge leaf necklace. Like, I love it because it's so random and cute, you know? I haven't owned an odd necklace for a while. Ima be rocking it soon :) And price? Three bucks! ^^

2.) A huge wide white belt. I've been trying to find another obnoxious belt and I discovered it for..... FOUR DOLLARS! XD Love love love.

3.) I bought this spectacular, PERFECTLY sized black blazer. When I tried it on, even the lady who owned the store told me it fit me really well. And it's true. I've been looking for the perfect blazer and HELLO there you are :) Price: $8. Worth. it.

And as a bonus from the Dollar Store:
A travel sewing kit. I REALLY needed a new sewing kit. I lost like, all my needles. Price: A buck.

And those were the new things I've bought over the weekend. Thanks for looking :)

Random photo updates; 2

Here are a few pictures that I took over my weekend (including today [even though it isn't a weekend]).

Have you ever wanted to purchase a game of "Connect Four," only to find out it's more money than you WANT to spend? Come on down to the Dollar Store and purchase a marvelous tribute to "Connect Four" called...
"Join to Win." I died when I saw this. (My brother is holding the case.)

Later on we went over to the flea market and one of the marvelous stores by there is...
"Carlson's Country Treasures: Pet Supplies & Tanning." Two things come to mind.
1.) What does pet supplies & tanning have to do with each other?

Which leads to the second thought:
2.) Welcome to hicktown Pennsylvania.

Then today, my brother-from-another-mother was making tuna (we don't eat fish that often here hahah) and here is some directions for preparing the tuna:
1.) Open the container..
"Empty tuna. Notice the fresh, firm texture- No draining!" ...Okay, when does ANY directions tell you to notice the texture of the food? XD Is this brand really THAT conceited???? By the way, take a very good look at the tuna in that step in red. Look very carefully...

... such a rich texture.

Hope you got a minor chuckle :) More updates coming.


Nylon Dec./Jan. Issue

Alrighty, so I started off my new year with a new issue of Nylon. My amazing boyfriend renewed my subscription near the end of January, I received my January issue. I know it's two months behind (at least in the magazine world), but I never got to share my favorite parts & pieces. 

NOTE: This isn't a full overlook of the magazine, JUST my favorite pieces. If scans (or in my case, photos of the magazines) are wanted from any past issues or soon to come issues, comment and I'll see what I can do :) )

Look how busted up this thing is. I mean, before I even noticed the gloriousness of Mila Kunis, I was appalled by the condition I received it in. I know this isn't the type of magazine that would come wrapped in plastic, but there were tears in my pages and holes and creases. Ugh.

If you want to look at the close ups of damage and my favorite parts of this issue, please click below.

Valentine's Day

My boyfriend took me out on a date for Valentine's Day yesterday. I KNOW it's not Valentine's Day until Monday, but he was gonna be busy today and Monday is a school day. A 7 o'clock curfew is so not romantic.

However, he got me these:

Aren't they mega adorableness!?!?! :) They're also insanely soft. Plus my mom loved them haha. And a Valentine themed Pez dispenser.

But yeaaahh sweetness :) I love my boyfriend.


New glasses.

Alright, first comes first, I have returned. Hopefully for a longer time this time. Here's an update for shure, I finally got new glasses! ^^

Lemme guess, you didn't remember me breaking them? (just scroll)

Anyway, I got my new pair which are awesommmeeeee.

Oh I also got a new sweater. Totally wrong colour for my skin, but it's cashmere. I'll never say no to cashmere.

It's also too short and shapeless... I don't care. CASHMERE!

More updates pouring in today. Thanks for sticking by my inconsistentness.


Momentary break.

I've been pretty busy for once so I'm calling another momentary break. Honestly, I must be the worst blogger ever. School is still preoccupying and on the days I have time to do something, I'm too bored and uninspired. When I do return, I think I want to review over parts of Nylon magazine issues I received in my mail and get some outfits back on here. This things been naked. I'll try my best to at least put something to entertain y'all.

By the way, lately on the time I do have, I've been playing & before you say "Wow that is so lame," it's more like it's the only game site that my school allows us to go on. I've been playing logic games like crazy because I've felt the need to kind of get my brain thinking for once. Here are a few games I recommend:

It's a bit complicated at first, but pretty damn easy once you get used to it. Point of the game is to put the amount of pillars to each block number. So if the number it 2, two pillars have to stick out of it. If it's 4 (the easiest ones), 4 pillars have to come out, 0 has no pillars coming out. Sounds easy, but the tricky part is trying not to make a looped wall.(aka squares, rectangles, and other types of square-like prisms).

It's a type of puzzle that involves A LOT of numbers and colours (at least this version does). This game is a one round game. Like, it doesn't automatically come up with a new puzzle to solve, it's the same puzzle whether you win or lose. Honestly, I thought I was going to rip my hair out when I started this game, but then I FINALLY figured it out. Now I'm addicted to real nonogram puzzles haha.

This is a pretty easy game. Flip the magnets into opposites in a group of three or more of the same colour. S's match with the N's. Easy enough? Well, there's also a time limit. You have to get enough points in a certain of time before it starts freezing out parts of the magnets. Then with each level, the limit gets faster so you get locked magnets more and more. Needless to say, I made it to Level 6 and almost immediately lost.

Point of this game; Get the ball to the circles with using the least direction blocks. The game gives you these direction blocks that help control the ball. Up arrow box makes your ball go up, down goes down, left left, right right. It uses somewhat real physics with it. There's A LOT of angle playing in the game. Each level gets tougher and tougher, but it's pretty fun though.

And that's all. So go take a break for you iPod and television and go stimulate your brain with thinking :)