Holy shiz, you thought I wasn't going to update this blog with an outfit??? SURPRISE! I am!

Look how business-y I am (minus my five year old looking shoes). I felt like my friend Jeff. Everyday to school, he wears a tuxedo, matching pant and blazer. He looks like House actually (used to walk with a cane too due to leg muscle deteroriation or something of that sort). Talks like him too; very monotone, sarcastic, and very witty. He does the weather report and "Words of Wisdom" section on our tv morning announcements. The best thing he does is insult people in the school by using quotes that make people think. Since not a lot of people think, every one generally goes either "HUH?" or "Omg, he's so stupid ajfkda;lfsiehfjsfhjdsf." He looks uberly spiffy with his ties and such. Great style. So I jacked it yesterday :3

Wow, I basically gave away a story before we even got to the cut. Oh well. More pics and slight storyness under the cut.

I'm supahcereal about my job guys.
"What?! Coffee?! Of course."
Swishy skirtness.
"I have a file to go over? Of course I'll take a look at it..."
"....-_-" (Borat drawing by one of my best friends Jan)
Here's my new awesome belt being used for the first time. Why do I feel like it's soon going to be my top most abused accessories?

Shoe Shot.

Hi. I'm kickass in business attire.

Blazer: Jones New York, flea market
Polo: flea market
Belt: Claires, flea market
Bracelet: Claire's, flea market
Skirt: Can't Miss, Deb
Socks: local store
Shoes: Rainbows

Thanks for looking. :)

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