Flea market score.

I went to the flea market yesterday and got a bunch of stuff for myself. Okay, like four things haha.

1.) This amazing huge leaf necklace. Like, I love it because it's so random and cute, you know? I haven't owned an odd necklace for a while. Ima be rocking it soon :) And price? Three bucks! ^^

2.) A huge wide white belt. I've been trying to find another obnoxious belt and I discovered it for..... FOUR DOLLARS! XD Love love love.

3.) I bought this spectacular, PERFECTLY sized black blazer. When I tried it on, even the lady who owned the store told me it fit me really well. And it's true. I've been looking for the perfect blazer and HELLO there you are :) Price: $8. Worth. it.

And as a bonus from the Dollar Store:
A travel sewing kit. I REALLY needed a new sewing kit. I lost like, all my needles. Price: A buck.

And those were the new things I've bought over the weekend. Thanks for looking :)

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