Momentary break.

I've been pretty busy for once so I'm calling another momentary break. Honestly, I must be the worst blogger ever. School is still preoccupying and on the days I have time to do something, I'm too bored and uninspired. When I do return, I think I want to review over parts of Nylon magazine issues I received in my mail and get some outfits back on here. This things been naked. I'll try my best to at least put something to entertain y'all.

By the way, lately on the time I do have, I've been playing & before you say "Wow that is so lame," it's more like it's the only game site that my school allows us to go on. I've been playing logic games like crazy because I've felt the need to kind of get my brain thinking for once. Here are a few games I recommend:

It's a bit complicated at first, but pretty damn easy once you get used to it. Point of the game is to put the amount of pillars to each block number. So if the number it 2, two pillars have to stick out of it. If it's 4 (the easiest ones), 4 pillars have to come out, 0 has no pillars coming out. Sounds easy, but the tricky part is trying not to make a looped wall.(aka squares, rectangles, and other types of square-like prisms).

It's a type of puzzle that involves A LOT of numbers and colours (at least this version does). This game is a one round game. Like, it doesn't automatically come up with a new puzzle to solve, it's the same puzzle whether you win or lose. Honestly, I thought I was going to rip my hair out when I started this game, but then I FINALLY figured it out. Now I'm addicted to real nonogram puzzles haha.

This is a pretty easy game. Flip the magnets into opposites in a group of three or more of the same colour. S's match with the N's. Easy enough? Well, there's also a time limit. You have to get enough points in a certain of time before it starts freezing out parts of the magnets. Then with each level, the limit gets faster so you get locked magnets more and more. Needless to say, I made it to Level 6 and almost immediately lost.

Point of this game; Get the ball to the circles with using the least direction blocks. The game gives you these direction blocks that help control the ball. Up arrow box makes your ball go up, down goes down, left left, right right. It uses somewhat real physics with it. There's A LOT of angle playing in the game. Each level gets tougher and tougher, but it's pretty fun though.

And that's all. So go take a break for you iPod and television and go stimulate your brain with thinking :)

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  1. haha some of those games sound really familiar!

    just showing some love around blogworld ^.^


    have a great weekend!