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Alrighty, so I started off my new year with a new issue of Nylon. My amazing boyfriend renewed my subscription near the end of January, I received my January issue. I know it's two months behind (at least in the magazine world), but I never got to share my favorite parts & pieces. 

NOTE: This isn't a full overlook of the magazine, JUST my favorite pieces. If scans (or in my case, photos of the magazines) are wanted from any past issues or soon to come issues, comment and I'll see what I can do :) )

Look how busted up this thing is. I mean, before I even noticed the gloriousness of Mila Kunis, I was appalled by the condition I received it in. I know this isn't the type of magazine that would come wrapped in plastic, but there were tears in my pages and holes and creases. Ugh.

If you want to look at the close ups of damage and my favorite parts of this issue, please click below.

1.) Big tear in the top section, tattered all along the top.
2.) Chomped the side of my magazine & bent almost every single page corner.
3.) Huge crease in Mila's shoulder.
4.) Ate a hole in the side of the magazine and tore through like 10 pages.

5.) Huge tattered bottom with a big rip.
5. con.) HUGE tear!
 Needless to say, this was a shody mailing. It really was. I hope I never receive a magazine in such a condition again.

Onto the fashion pieces:
 I absolutely adore aviator jackets. I've always wanted to own one, but they're either expensive or they're made out of really cheap material. (Just saying, aviator jackets are supposed to be made for chilly conditions; polyester is not a warm material, it just traps EVERYTHING in until it melds to your skin >> ).

And whenever I think about when I wear one, I think of an old-styled one that's more camel-cappuchino coloured. The heart on the page is for the jacket to the right of it. It's my dream aviator jacket right there. The perfect shade of brown and orange.

Orange seemed to be the overall key colour this issue... anyway, so I really liked this outfit. I believe this was the new feature where they combined outfits to make a really cool look for under a certain amount of money. I think they just got rid of the money part and made it about the outfit. I super dig winter for the layers, but I can't show off all my cool layers with my coat open. However, on those infrequent warm winter days, this is like the perfect outfit. So many layers mixed with different shades of colours. The hoodie is so rad and graphic sweater underneath, spectacular. I love pattern.

Sometimes I skim over certain reading articles because when I "read", I skim. Second time, I actually READ. Very few times when I skim do I have my eye captured by one of the pictures accompanying the article. What grabbed my eye? The poncho blanket. Seriously, I think they're so classy, but casual. Stylish, but laid back. So cool, but warm. However, I'm a very petite girl (5'3) & that poncho is probably on a 5'9 model. I'd be too overwhelmed by that huge thing which upsets me. It's sooo nice looking. *sigh* One day...


Click here for better view.
Click here for better view.
Click here for better view
(I missed the first part, sorry.)

I absolutely adored this section. Florals is my everything. I missed the first part which was a maxi dress. Honestly, I thought it was fug, but I mean, I loved the rest of this section. Floral rompers are cute, floral dresses are DIVINE! And floral bikinis. Maybe not too much for me, but still grand :)

Click here for better view.
Click here for better view.
Click here for better view.
I  loved this set too. Wild crazy parties with obnoxious colours and accessories and volumnous crimped hair. It's my dream fashion party fantasy right there. Prints, textures, sparkles and sky high stilettos. It's like Nylon's tribute to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" party video where everyone is dressed crazy fashionable but with the insanity of Metro Station's "Control" video. (I would go to either party honestly :) )

Click here for better view.
Click here for better view.
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This feature was pretty cool. Bright colours, retro cuts and styling. My only problem with it is that it's a bit TOO retro. You have bold stripes with rollerskates, girl scout styled dresses, pigtails, and a girl in a crop top and bikini bottom with a baseball cap. I mean, it's a good inspiration piece, but I would say the TRUE highlight for it was the Miu Miu apple dress. Oh, my lord, what I'd do to have that apple dress :)

I liked the Beauty Queen section this issue because look at the marvelous deer hat. I mean, I love deer. I was gonna be a fawn for Halloween before I changed my mind to be a drunken Ke$ha aka Ke$ha. It looks so soft and mildly dangerous if you bend over to pick something up and some accidently bumps into you.

Also, they had dermatologist/facialists/etc. for a skin article and their suggestions on how they take care of their health and how it affects their skin. My skin has officially taken the place of the most need of TLC over my hair. I'm seventeen, which is the height of my hormones. My skin is like, working overtime producing sebum which makes me break into acne. Worse because I have naturally oily skin, so I've felt so gross and shiny lately. (I bought a powder compact three months ago and I'm almost done with it. Normal powder compacts should last longer than that.) 

I used to take care of my hair insanely much, but now my skin is becoming the victim and needs 24/7 care. The one thing I have been trying to do is eat better. I basically stopped having salty sides with my lunch and eating blueberries, strawberries, etc. Instead of low fat, I've been drinking skim milk. I mean, it's helping my skin a bit, but my skin is stupid. But most of their suggestions, I've been attempting to do. Eating more antioxidants, Vitamin C, and gently taking care of my skin. I'm gonna start buying vitamins pretty soon (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and fish oil specifically) so hopefully it'll help improve my body and improve the retardedness of my skin.

This isn't a favorite part, but it is a feature unfortunately. About the new American cast for the American version of Skins, originally a British teen drama. I REALLY hate that MTV has to take another dump on a great series. It can NEVER be as good as the new one. I know it's not trying to, but original Skins is too good to be topped. While this series is going on, ima be watching Season 5, Third Generation. (Hello Frankie, I can't wait to keep watching you :) )

There was a feature interview thing for a Japanese band called "The Suzan." They're so cute with their round faces and cute clothes and their bodies spelling out "LOVE." But one thing in particular caught my eye. The girl all the way to the left, she's rocking "I Love Lucy" hair and it's blowing my mind. Did I not make this point...?

Lucy. Hair. It's like she ripped the hair off Lucille Ball's scalp after the last episode. And she rocks that scalp hair spectacularly :)

And lastly...
These two. Who are these two? Die Antwoord. A musical duo from South Africa. So the girl is pretty cute with her (to quote Nylon) "sci-fi mullet", but the dude to the right (named Ninja) scared the shiiiiiizzzzz out of me haha. I think it's the moustache. Either way, they seem to be really cool though. The interview was pretty funny and cool, so I may check out their music pretty soon.

Aaaaaaannd, that's it for my favorite parts of the magazine. That was January 2011 Nylon issue. Up next will be February's and March's (as soon as I get March). Thanks for checking it out :)

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