Nylon Feb. issue

Okay, now to go over my favorite parts of Nylon's February issue. Luckily this one didn't die in the mail like December/January's.
Our cover girl this month is Blair Waldorf herself, Leighton Meester. Honestly, I've never watched an episode of Gossip Girl or ANY movie or show this actress was in. I have no idea about her acting skill. My only knowledge of her besides Gossip Girl is that one Cobra Starship song.

Click more to see my favorite parts of this issue:

I like the few times when the pictures in the contents page catches my eye. I love this outfit. It's adorable geek chic :)

Bipolaring from the cute look, I almost died when I saw this spectacular Burberry spiked leather jacket. I want to rip it off this model and own it hardcore. Ugh, Nylon, you give me too many fashion fantasies.

When I saw this, I loved it, but looking back, it uber reminds me of Emily the Strange. However, that isn't bad. It's just memorable. I love the black and white Oxford-looking booties. Spectacular.

I loved this clothing set too. One style I've NEVER got to rock is nautical. I've always wanted a blue and white striped shirt tucked into a white pencil skirt and red heels, but that's a fantasy I have yet to experience. The yellows added to it makes me want it more because yellow is my favorite colour. Honestly, I momentarily died inside. (Just saying, I "die" a lot of times :) )

This is the most adorable sneaker I've ever seen in my life. When I was flipping through this issue a week ago for the first time, I literally gasped. I would so pay the 100-lalala price tag if I had to money to own a pair of teddy bear sneakers :) Or I'll make my own... hello future DIY project ;D

So, I never heard of this blogger before, yet with a fabulous rainbow head-to-toe outfit like that, she's drawing me in. I haven't checked the blog out yet, but her interview is great. I just can't get over the rainbow. I'm sorry<3

This year, I've been trying to clean out my closet and get rid of things that I don't wear, don't suit my style, or won't suit my NEW style. I've been really wanting to go more simplistic because while I adore being over the top, there are sometimes when I just want to be simple without looking lazy and un-put together. Due to my soon to be loss of clothes, I've been getting addicted to accessories (which is why my new items hauls now consist of 70% accessories). 

These are some new pieces from four different companies new collections. They're all really unique in their own way. The top left piece reminds me of those seashell piece bracelets that are rounded and then chunked together like so... only rich people won't wear things that have been on the ground unless they're worth over three hundred dollars. The top right piece are cute, almost puppet like animal charms. The flamingo earrings are adorable. I would wear them if I had normal ear holes.

The bottom left is my favorite. They're gold nuggets purposely made into looking like miniature meteorites. How nifty and astrological you can get with your own neck meteorite? Very. Very. And lastly, the right necklace isn't all my style. I mean, I own an almost bolo tie inspired necklace, but I think it's a bit too funky for me. The big silver buckle kills it for me.

More accessories? Of course. These adorable 2D designed buttons are made by ByTaj (that name is a bit redundant huh?). They're beaded brooches and pins that can DEFINITELY spice up a sweater or blazer. I'd wear the panda... well, if I had the extra fifty to splurge haha.

Sorry for the crappy quality (as if any of this other photos were good to start with). Anyway, I adore that distressed shirt so much. Examples of how having a simple wardrobe with statement pieces can create instant chic. Lets say I'm having a lazy day. I just want to throw on some cotton shorts and a jean shirt. But wait, I'm too plain, so jazz it up with a big holey shirt! You don't need five hundred bracelets and necklaces to take this outfit higher, just a bold piece that's in your face. Oh, I love fashion... Continuing... XD

Okay so this picture is from one of the features in here. It was supposed to be about the spring shoes, however, this dress just made me fall in love... with it. hahah. The quilted details, the flower/bow pieces, and the adorable little bandages all over the dress. I've never seen a dress so girlishly eccentric. I adore it. 

When it comes to makeup, if I had to pick ANY type of makeup to use for the rest of my life, I'd used mascara. I think mascara is every girl's best friend. Short lashes, lengthen. Skinny lashes, volumnize. Long & thick but flat, curl it.  Naturally great top lashes, define the bottom lashes. Mascara is amazing.

The mascaras featured (from left to right) is:
Diorshow 360 Mascara (Battery-powered ROTATING wand. No more wiggling!)
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara (Mascara made for the bottom lashes who get too clumped and easily painted on by regular mascara. I heard REALLY good reviews on it, so I have to give it a try sometime.)
LA Splash Spotlight Mascara (Comes with a light up tube. Effective for blondes and nightclub babes who do their makeup in the dark)
Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night mascara (Two wands; one for length, one for volume. How awesome is that? :) )

The first page of the makeup feature all about coloured lips. I don't wear crazy lip colours (other than an occasional black, but that's a different story). What drawn me to this section the most were those killer sunglasses. You don't see why they're amazing...?

Look at them! Six-sided frameless sunglasses with a colour bar on top. Absolutely insane! Missoni, you always find a way to blow my mind somehow. This year, you purposely wanted to be RIGHT BY my head by being a pair of stellar sunshades. I repeat again, I love fashion.

British singer Adele was featured in Nylon. I don't listen to her music, but I know she has a very beautiful voice and she's a very beautiful woman herself. People act like skinny girls have all the talent. Don't deny the talent of women like Adele, Jennifer Hudson, even the Weather Girls, bless Izora Armstead (RIP) and Martha Wash who will be performing forever. I absolutely adore Adele's confidence AND beauty. Perfect face. BAW jealousy.

I thought this article was pretty rad. The model here is painted like a painting. Then has her photograph taken as if she was an actual painting. For a moment I REALLY thought she was a painting until I read the article and looked at the hair and eyes. I love the art world :)

This isn't anything really important. Just a member of a band that was in this issue. I just had to state to someone what a wicked sweet fro that boy be rocking. Mhhhhmmm.

Here's Blair, I mean Leighton in her feature story. I wasn't really interested in her, but what I was interested in was that awesome motion floral shirt. It looks great. It looks like she moved in the photo, but she didn't. SOOOOO amazing. Also note: ....

...girl needs to groom those brows. Now, I'm not against big brows, I love them. I've been growing my brows back since the beginning of the year from overtweezing. However, if you're gonna rock big brows, they must be trimmed. Look at Lily Collins. Thick and amazing, but neat. I shouldn't be one to talk with my messed up brows (at least currently), but calm the insides a bit. You're in the public eye. People like me who adore brows may chase you down with wax and a long strand of thread. Watch yo' back Waldorf.

And my last favorite part, bustiers! I believe they're made for big chested girls, however I cannot deny the appeal of one. They're sexy without being slutty because girls used to wear them back in the day. It's classy and seductive. I.E. I need one in the future. hahaha.

And that's it. Thanks for reading/viewing. :)

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