Random photo updates; 2

Here are a few pictures that I took over my weekend (including today [even though it isn't a weekend]).

Have you ever wanted to purchase a game of "Connect Four," only to find out it's more money than you WANT to spend? Come on down to the Dollar Store and purchase a marvelous tribute to "Connect Four" called...
"Join to Win." I died when I saw this. (My brother is holding the case.)

Later on we went over to the flea market and one of the marvelous stores by there is...
"Carlson's Country Treasures: Pet Supplies & Tanning." Two things come to mind.
1.) What does pet supplies & tanning have to do with each other?

Which leads to the second thought:
2.) Welcome to hicktown Pennsylvania.

Then today, my brother-from-another-mother was making tuna (we don't eat fish that often here hahah) and here is some directions for preparing the tuna:
1.) Open the container..
"Empty tuna. Notice the fresh, firm texture- No draining!" ...Okay, when does ANY directions tell you to notice the texture of the food? XD Is this brand really THAT conceited???? By the way, take a very good look at the tuna in that step in red. Look very carefully...

... such a rich texture.

Hope you got a minor chuckle :) More updates coming.

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