vitamin d.

I wore this to school today. I REALLY did not want to wear a polo or sweater or anything, so I decided to chance myself and wear an adjustable scoop neck tank top. I hid the rest of my chest with my red scarf, key item for today or else I totally would have been in the office.
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We had Pod schedule today. Pod is some weird program for the freshman that upperclassmen become like, guides/mentors/whatever and like, part time therapists basically haha. Point is, it changes the schedule up. Instead of our normal day, now we go to homeroom for an hour and then we go to our normal classes for shortened times. I really needed the time because I had to write a Civil War assignment hehe.

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See what I mean about the scoop neck? That necklace was essential. It's from Miley Cyrus' clothing line. It's a tank top with zipper down the back and as the straps. You can pull the zipper down to have a lower scoop and zip it up far that it becomes almost a halter and has a smidge of a scoop. I love it so much, especially since I have a smaller chest, I can cover up more when I'm feeling self concious. Adjustable anything is coolio haha.

Baw at the scoop. It was a little down TOO far. Anyway, not much else happened during today. I mean, the one thing that DEFINITELY effected me was the weather. I woke up this morning to basically over 50 degree weather which perked me up sooo well.

I don't really look out the window during classes (I sleep), but for some reason, I was able to feel the warmth basically invading my body and I just felt significantly happy. I told my boyfriend this and he told me that it's because the vitamin D in the sun's rays helps your body and makes you happy. In this case, no Vitamin C, gimme Vitamin D.

Did I mention I can tango?...

Hi, I'm colourful.

Necklace: homemade
Diy cardigan: Dress Barn
White blouse: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria, Walmart
Diy skirt: Salvation Army
Belt: gift
Tights: Claire's
Shoes: Route 66, K-Mart

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  1. you pull off those red colors beautifully :)