Okay, in relation to my last post, here's the outfit I wore. I don't have too much storyness, so mainly pictures haha.

Click for more :)

First off, dig the leopard print. I was crazy leopard and it rocked. :)

Closer look.

Better looking photo haha.
 By the way, the jacket is soooo warm. Okay... not REALLY warm, more like, heat trapping. There's no breathability, so it's the wrong jacket to wear in the summer (I learned that lesson the hard way). However, it's an AMAZING jacket to use during the winter when you don't want to wear like two or three sweater layers.

 The shirt I'm wearing is a regular tee that I cut into a v-neck. I wanted a v-neck shirt and I didn't want to pay for it, so I just cut it. I made it a BIT too wide though, so my black bandana-scarf-thingy really does a nice job covering the chest.

Ima sillehbilleh.
Oh, I made the black bandana-scarf. There's nothing like cutting & bleaching shirts you don't like behind your mother's back.

 Hello creepy stare :)

 Oh and here's a picture that was originally gonna be rejected, but I thought it was funny. I was trying to experiment with angles and I got this weird awkward thing:

Hi, I'm a wallflower.

Jacket: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria, Walmart
Shirt: Hanes, Walmart
Leopard scarf: Walmart
Black scarf: handmade
Necklace: Claire's, flea market
Leopard pants: Rave, Rave
Shoes: Route 66, K-Mart

Thanks for looking :)

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