Necklush anyone?

I got bored yesterday morning and I've been super addicted to making "necklushes" and things like that. Inspired by this tutorial, I wanted to make my own replica of it. HOWEVER, I didn't have enough t-shirt material, so I made the same general thing as the tutorial, only there's not second ring holding everything together:

Another reason why I like my version is because I made a duo-tone braid neck for it. I think it's really nifty and unique.

Closeup of the braids
Close up of the ring and loops
Close up on the ends
On me, it looks like this:

It's a really long tie-looking thing. However, there's sooo many possibilities on the way you can wrap and tie it. In fact, I came up with 11 ways you can style this long-tie-scarf.

Click here to see all the possibilities :)

Brooch: Claire's
1.) Wrap it around your neck until equal lengths both sides and add a brooch or pin to distract from extra straggle strings.

2.) Same as one except you pull the other side over the ring and safety-pin and brooch together.

3.) Wrap around like a normal necklush.

4.) Pull the necklace part of the scarf to the front and flip the strands to the other side, giving an asymmetrical style.

5.) Take half of the strands and wrap around the necklace part of the scarf and then release to other side, giving a layered, skinny scarf feel.

6.) Split strands into three sections, braid, and tie together with a clear rubberband, letting you have an oversized braid-necklace.

7.) Take #6's braid and wrap around the neck for a braided cowl.

8.) Take half of the strands and pull around, then take another section and loop the rest to make a skinny scarf.

9.) Make a huge knot with all the strands to make a tassel-looking scarf.

10.) The messy look can be made quite easily. Just take parts of the scarf and pull over the necklace. Take other parts and put it under. Take individual strands and twist them around other strands. The possibilities are endless when you make a messy look and each time will look different.

And finally 11.) Take the strands and wrap it once around the necklace. Then keep twisting up the other side to give almost an artistic explosion of strands on your shoulder.

There you have it, my eleven ways to wear this scarf. Use mine, come up with your own, whatever you like. 
Thanks for looking :)

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