Nylon March 2011 issue

I received the March 2011 Nylon issue a while ago, but I've been neglecting to post up my favorite parts.... soooo here they are :)

But first off, I have to state, I'm not a fan of Kate Bosworth. She isn't a bad actor, but she slips out of my mind a lot, but I love her on this cover. I've been digging the boho look lately. It's probably because spring is coming. Just prepare for some coolio pictures this time around :)

Oh, I also saved the pictures in larger files, so if you want to see ANY of the pictures in large form (so you can read articles and picture information), just go to my Flickr page: HERE

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I just really liked this ad. I'm sooooo digging florals right now. Plus I love the simplicity about it :)

I love the Sweet Western look here. Lace, fringes, tan with leather. BAW, I want to marry this look haha.

 I just love how the ad right next to it was totally donning the same style. SUBCONCIOUS FASHION MIND TAPPING!

I love this one. Blue and black are such a great mix, and the one thing I ESPECIALLY love about this one if the motorcycle jacket backpack/purse. I mean, that's the most genius thing I've ever seen. Ugggh XD

I like this one because it's so simplistically quirky. It makes me think of minimalism with the pops of colour. Such a great style. I'd rock it, but I'm an elaborate person most of the time.

Oh my lord, I ADORED this feature. I love 70s inspired fashion. The airy materials, the bold colours, the sexy hair. I had like a fashion-gasm here.

Nothing like spring-inspired/related beauty products :)

Quiksilver has a new line coming out. I liked Quiksilver stuff, but like Roxy, Volcom, and Oneill, I'm unable to afford the brand because I don't have the money to spend twenty bucks on a single t-shirt and fifty on a pair of jeans I can get at Rave for fifteen, twenty. (In my local mall, Pacsun is RIGHT across from Rave, so I really can just walk across the hall way to cheaper clothing.) Hell, even one of my dresses bought from Pacsun was from 50% clearance and it was still 25 dollars, and all it was a black and rainbow striped sun dress. BAW.

Anywhoodle, I absolutely adore the cropped sweatpants the model is wearing in the picture and the descriptions of the new clothing coming out seems totally my style. I may splurge on something when it's out.... may.

I love those shorts. So lacey and chic. Baaw. and they kinda remind me of something made from grandma's old tablecloth haha.

Stripes, stripes, stripes :)

This article is about soon-to-be or just graduated Parson's students and their last senior projects. It's really nifty and cool. Talks about Project Runway's attendance there and interviews each person. You can read the interviews if you go to my Flickr page and go to the close up pages.

American Apparel special "Sesame Street" t-shirt. However, the special here should be done on this model's eyebrows. Now, I complained about Leighton's eyes last issue, but holy shizz, this girl. Them eyebrows. *shudders*

Looooooove them shoes. Lemme get a pair :) (btw the retarded hearts are drawn by me for the things I wish I could have XD)

There is nothing like secret stores. Omg, I think it's so rad. In New York, the first shop you have to make an APPOINTMENT, and that's when you can get the address to go visit. In Portland, these people's travel in a van/bus with awesome clothes. And then the last one in Tokyo with a weird empty entrance. Just so cool :) Mystery fashion, mwahahaha.

 I love animal themed things. The purse is cute and I love those printed jeans hehe. I think my favorite part of this feature is the panda shirt by Louis Vuitton. So high fashion, but so playful :)

Black Swan is officially one of the biggest "inspiration" films in fashion right now. (DAMN YOU RODARTE!) Even this wonderfully wispy make up is so gentle, but intense. (Go to my flickr page for a better close up on it). BAW, I love it :D

A timeline of perfumes. Isn't that spectacular? Sure, I couldn't afford any of these even if they were in 1oz. "try me" bottles, but I can admire. (Once again, go to my flickr page and you can read the actual text).

Bright makeup and crazy hair to go with a black and white wardrobe. This beauty feature actually makes me wish I had a black and white closet so I can don makeup like that and won't be questioned haha.

Love the hair :)
I freaking LOOOOOOOOVE this eyeshadow colour

Okay, first thing I thought when I flipped to this article was "Who is this?"
Second thought after reading the small caption was "Patrick Stump? nuh huh."
Third thought after doing like triple looks and inspecting each detail of him was "DAMN!"
Fourth thought after googling "Patrick Stump 2010/2011" & viewing his new skinny pictures was "Patrick Stump is the new Pete Wentz. I WANT HIM NAO."
Fifth thought was drawing the lovesick heart smiley haha.

Honestly, I really think it's rad Patrick is doing a solo project because we don't want him just being "that chubby redhead from FOB", right? Make another damn name for yourself boy! I can't wait for it to come out :) (and secretly make an Stump obsession corner of my closet teehee).

As I stated in the beginning of this post, I don't have a problem with Kate Bosworth, she just doesn't stick in my head. Before I think of her, I think of every other blonde: Witherspoon, Miller, Johannson, even Dunst. Bosworth is always in the back of my mind and not in the forthcoming. 

However, I absolutely love her in the these boho clothing and styling. Faintly reminds of Blue Crush, only even MORE chill (less drama). I like some of the pieces, but I could never willingly wear any of this. Then again, it is only a styling for the shoot, but gets to the point that boho IS spring son.

I don't necessarily dig SO much brights and neons together, however, I'll make an exception for these clothes ;D


Now, this is a feature I like. Classic pieces, clean cuts, simple styling with really versatile items and relaxed hair. To me, it's more like summer coming to an end and trying to squeeze in your last bits of fun. I adore this hehe. (btw the picture was before the title page haha)

This one was right side up, but I forgot to flip it...but I'm lazy, so here you are :)

This feature I like, but it looks A LOT better in the magazines then my crap camera shots haha. I love the static shadows over them, so cool :)


Great article on the creators of Rodarte. I took pictures of the articles, but once again, on le flickr page (and in order of the picture number).

Clutches, so. amazing. baw. That's all that needs to be said,

And then the last and possibly the saddest ending to Nylon magazine...
...March 2011 issue's ending is the last ever Bag Check feature :( Ever since May 2009, Bag Check has been one of my favorite features and now... it's gone. *cries intensely for five hundred hours* I hope whatever replaces such a great regular will be twice as great.

And that is all my favorite parts of this issue. Thank you for looking and you have a great day :)

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