Out of P.A.

"Out of L.A." by Dollyrots

This song is currently my graduation song. It's not a theme song, it's not even a love of the moment song, this is my PERSONAL graduation song. This is how I feel about everything that has to Pennsylvania (the state of which I currently reside). Other than friends and family, there is nothing in Pennsylvania that could keep me here. In my head, I often change "LA" to "PA," that's how much I want to leave. When I listen to this song, I just imagine myself with a group of my friends jumbled together in a car and driving past all the highway signs of cities and towns until we near the border of the state.

As the lyrics state, "[I] don't belong, [I] won't be long." It really won't be too long until I move towards another state. Most likely I'll end up in Ohio.

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