Yesterday, I went out with my friend Jessica to go to Borders, the mall, and then out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I was pretty psyched especially since my mom gave me money to go shopping and I went shopping crazy, BUT I only spent FIFTEEN BUCKS on everything I got. More about that in the next post, but right now we're focusing on what I was wearing :)

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So I went over to my friend's house (which is where these pics are taken at). We left the house and went on our way to Borders. I bought two magazines (Seventeen and Allure).

Then we headed over to the mall. I shopped at Deb, this miniature garage sale, Claire's, Spencer's, and Old Navy. We couldn't eat because we have reservations, so we had to be in the mall for three hours. I didn't mind, but everyone else did. I can stay in a mall aaaaalllll day. 

We also had a very awkward meeting with this guy from school that we don't really talk to. We were pretty much confronted that we all apparently hated him. My friend Michelle said she didn't. Robin just doesn't talk to him. Jessica was deeply confused. And I willingly admitted that I just stopped talking to him. Seriously, he hasn't done anything wrong to me. Sometimes I'm not the greatest acquaintnance, I do break off ties pretty easily and not regret it. I break off friendships when we hardly talk or we have nothing in common. For this dude, we hardly talked. I saw him twice a day, so how am I supposed to be like, friends with him? I also broke it off when one of my best friends two years ago because I felt like we had nothing in common. I don't hate her, I just felt like we drifted apart. It hurt her, but I let go of people quite a bit. It's one of my tragic flaws.

Anyway, so I went to go MORE shopping and I came back to the group and they were in the photo booth taking pictures. Sooo I took pictures :) It was coolio haha. Oh and then there was miniature drama. 

There were these three boys on a bench. There were these three girls walking. One was skinny and the two were a bit larger sized. As they walked by the boys started going "Oink Oink Oink!" Really immature. The skinny girl stops and yells, "Excuse you! Watch what the f**k you say!" or something along those lines. Then one of the other girls said "That's freaking rude!" And they walked off. The guys kinda just looked at each other and walked off. Then maybe five minutes later, the girls were walking with mall security towards where the guys were. Then maybe ten minutes after THAT, they girls are outside of Victoria's Secret and the skinny girl screams into the store "B***h! YO B***H!" Storms into the store, then talks to the friend and goes back in. Crazy crap.

Then we ate, ate a TON of food, and headed home (and sang VERY LOUDLY in the car in the parking lot. Some guy started dancing to our a cappela group). It was great :)

And that was my day.
Purple shirt (diy'ed off the shoulder): NY Jeans, Salvation Army
Gray tank: Hanes, Walmart
Chain necklace: Walmart
Gray necklace: DIY
Belt: gift
Leggings: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria, Walmart
Shoes: Route 66, K-Mart

Thanks for looking :)

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  1. I love this look. These leggings are super cool.
    And isn't weird-o's yelling at each other always a fun sight?
    xoxo mama wolf.