prarie thang. part 3

I found some lace material sitting around my house which reminded me of my prarie love currently. I was going to do a theme photoshoot with it, but I don't have the clothes that go with it (I'm a very bold colour, trend-ish person [and most of best clothes are meant for the summer]). I did remember that I have this wonderfully rustic pink lipstick I got maybe a year ago. I put a bit on and hello prarie girl :)

The lipstick is made by Jane. and the colour is "Romantic Rose." When I picked it out, I was drawn by its darker pink shade, BUT I didn't notice the flaws, I was just overwhelmed by the colour. One thing, when I was secretely dabbing a bit on my hand (I was in Walmart ;P ), I ignored the tiny grains and the amount of sparkle in the mixture. I bought it anyway, it was cheap.

The left picture is somewhat in sunlight. It looks maybe a bit mauve on the pink side, but still very nice. On the right, the sun exposes it's real shade: A gorgeous dark pink (and it's numerous sparkles). 

On my lips (don't mind my dry lips)
Point is, it's a REALLY REALLY nice colour that I can imagine a prarie girl wearing. Light enough to be playful, but dark enough for a bit of smooching. 

Not to mention it looks great on me. I just need to discover a shade like this because as much as I LOVE it, I cannot stand the quality of the lipstick unfortunately. Way too much sparkle, but so gorgeous.

Anyway, thanks for looking :)


  1. Pretty color on you! And your hair is amazing :)